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Check out what Kandi has to say about Black hair and her next act up. Read on the multi-talented Mya, who takes a look back and shares words of wisdom. 

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The Struggle Is Real: Dealing with Unfair Criticism at Work

The Struggle Is Real: Dealing with Unfair Criticism at Work Hey there, Upscale family! I’m Watchen Nyanue Hampton, and welcome to my career advice column here with Upscale Magazine. Think of me as your work bestie for all things career – from real talk about climbing that corporate ladder to

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Tracee Ellis Ross Upscale Magazine behind the scenes.

Todd and Kandi Burruss-Tucker guess each others favorite movie.

How To Pick The Right Wine Based on Alcohol Content.


How Kaijah Wilson defied expectations and became a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur that is all about impacting her community

As entrepreneurship continues to take precedence in the lives of millennials and Generation Z, the world is being introduced to some incredible new business owners. As times have changed, the versatility of businesses have increased. Younger generations have shed light on those businesses that are essential but also not often highlighted as the businesses that are go to start ups. Kaijah Wilson, a young entrepreneur hailing from Chicago, is one

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Kendrick Daniel and Nikko Too Good Unite for a Game-Changing Book Tour

Celebrity Talent Manager Kendrick Daniel and Publicist Nikko Too Good Unite for a Game-Changing Book Tour  April 13, 2024- Talent manager and author Kendrick Daniel kick off his multi city and country book tour. Daniel had accepted the offer to partner up with celebrity publicist Nikko Too Good with Nikko’s B.A.M (Black Authors Matter) Tour. The BAM tour is one of many for Mr. Daniel as he recently released his

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Sleep Safety for Babies and Racial Health Disparities

Sleep Safety for Babies and Racial Health Disparities in Baby Sleep Products’ Safety   Nychelle Fleming, of the Office of Communication for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, spoke with Tara Merchant, the Upscale Magazine Northeast Bureau Chief, to discuss Sleep Safety for Babies and racial health disparities in baby sleep products’ safety.   UPSCALE: What does the Consumer Product Safety Commission know overall, about the sleep safety conditions of

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure coming to Walt Disney World

WATCH: Imagineers Launch New Video Series by Jason Recher, Disney Parks Vice President Content & Digital Integration Before the opening of Disneyland Park, Walt Disney himself took audiences behind the scenes of its development, showing off what was to come and exactly how it was designed and built. Now, decades later, as we embark on ambitious efforts to turbocharge Disney Experiences, we’re drawing inspiration from Walt Disney’s playbook. It’s time to pull

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