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So many women are embracing their curly hair right now!

There are hair shows, “I’m curly and I’m proud” festivals, endless YouTube university tutorials on natural hair and #naturhair crazy on social media. Product companies have launched full fledged campaigns marketed toward the natural curl wearer. Amidst all of this “I love my natural hair movement,” you would think wearing a fro in confidence is easy as that instinctive head jerk we give to someone who tries to touch it!

For some it’s not so much.

Many question their curly confidence. In my salon, I get clients that feel not as at home with their texture unless it’s straightened. Some still struggle with questions around presenting their curls in all of it’s glory at work, interviews, business meetings and professional events. “I’m gonna ease these folks in before I break out my curls/fro…” says one client. My advice is the same. I tell them, “I’m gonna ease you into being comfortable wearing your curly texture.”

It will take time for some to accept their God given texture.

You know … the way that texture naturally grows out of their head. Don’t get me wrong the hair care business, especially the natural hair business, is successful because of the many ways we love to wear our hair! Curly hair versatility is fabulous in that way.

We’ve definitely come a long way.

It’s awesome to see so many unapologetic fro wearers out here now. The beauty standards are finally shifting with so many women, men young and old sporting curls. I proudly look around my kids’ school and see so many fro wearers that would put “the did you comb your hair” grandmas to shame.

I mean you have HBO star Issa Rae of hit series “Insecure” beautifully giving life to #teamnatural sisters everywhere with her trendsetting styles in each episode. Can I say … us curly, kinky, natural, silkpress, wavy wears have finally arrived and our hair is here to stay.

Yes I’m wearing my fro with a side of confidence please for $2000, Alex.


Photography by

Ralph Evans

Model in photo: Cat Lantigua

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