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A look at 12 powerful, inspiring women who are shaking up the business world in everything from technology to spirits.

We know that being a black woman in America is not for the weary. Success for black women comes with a unique set of challenges and obstacles. But in spite of this reality, black women continue to take charge, lead, innovate, cultivate and succeed in virtually every arena they choose to inhabit.

From stockbrokers to tech gurus, writers, theme park ride designers, entrepreneurs and more, we’ve compiled a list of powerful, inspiring black women who rock. These compelling women have made a difference in their respective industries, but perhaps even more importantly, they have served as an inspiration to other women looking to follow in the path they’ve paved on the road to success. -JACINTA HOWARD, NINA HEMPHILL REEDER, YVETTE CASLIN & JUANITA RAMOS


Founder, Global Policy Solutions

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Ph.D., has always understood the importance of “giving your country your best.” She is a consultant and former chair of the Maryland Democratic Party, and her experience as an entrepreneur, coupled with her policy work, has given her unique insight into addressing the challenges of our economy, small businesses and workforce.

Previously, she worked on Capitol Hill for the Congressional Black Caucus and the House Ways and Means Committee and also served as chief of staff for former New York Congressman Charles Rangel. “I wanted to work on Capitol Hill because I wanted to truly understand how government works [to] fulfill its promise to the American people,” says Cummings, who is also the widow of congressman Elijah Cummings.

“I quickly learned laws and policy are the levers that control—schools, healthcare, interest rates, a safe food supply, parks, water and the very air we breathe.” In 2005, she founded Global Policy Solutions, a political strategy firm that is dedicated to social change. “I’m committed to shaping policy so that it protects and serves the most vulnerable in our communities and ensures they get their fair share. -Y.C.

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