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In a significant move, Tommy Hilfiger has welcomed British actor Damson Idris as the new menswear brand ambassador. The announcement was made during the recent Las Vegas Grand Prix, where Idris attended alongside the renowned American fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger himself.

Damson Idris for Tommy Hilfiger

This collaboration marks a notable stride for the iconic brand as it continues to forge connections between fashion and entertainment.

Tommy Hilfiger enthusiastically shared, “Formula 1 and a partnership with a rising star of Hollywood – we’ve been living in the fast lane this weekend. I’ve always been inspired by pop culture and driven by the boundless opportunities of merging fashion and entertainment. Damson Idris is an icon of today and tomorrow, and we are thrilled to hit the accelerator on this partnership.”

Idris, best known for his compelling performance in John Singleton’s crime drama ‘Snowfall’, expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “Tommy Hilfiger is a true gentleman and an icon of American fashion. Our passion for motorsport is mirrored in our attitude to style. I believe working together in the space between fashion and entertainment, we can set a new standard in contemporary partnerships, creating iconic moments on the track and beyond.”

To celebrate this groundbreaking union, Tommy Hilfiger hosted Damson Idris and a select group of friends, including actors Kola Bokinni and Tosin Cole, along with musician A-Star. The group indulged in exclusive experiences while showcasing the latest Tommy Hilfiger menswear range. The collection seamlessly blends casual and tailored aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the glamorous Vegas entertainers of the ’60s.

The collaboration extends beyond the realms of fashion, as Tommy Hilfiger lends its support to Idris’ upcoming film, ‘APXGP’. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Joseph Kosinsky, the high stakes racing feature stars Brad Pitt as a former driver returning to Formula 1, with Idris portraying his teammate on the fictional APXGP team.

In a visual testament to this partnership, the iconic Tommy Hilfiger flag logo will be prominently featured on the car’s halo, front, and sides, as well as on driver kits and uniforms. The shared passion for Formula 1 forms the fuel for this collaboration, promising to ignite iconic moments both on and off the track.

As Damson Idris prepares to leave an indelible mark on the racing film scene, Tommy Hilfiger stands as a beacon of style and sophistication, propelling the narrative of fashion-forward partnerships in the entertainment industry. This dynamic collaboration reinforces Tommy Hilfiger’s commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards, making it a partnership to watch in the worlds of fashion and film.

As we conclude this fashion-forward journey delving into the captivating collaboration between Tommy Hilfiger and Damson Idris, the story doesn’t end here. To stay connected with the latest from Tommy Hilfiger, explore their website at Discover a world of innovative collaborations, exclusive capsules, and inspiring collections, all designed with you in mind.

For an intimate look into Damson Idris’s journey as the menswear brand ambassador, be sure to follow him on Instagram @damsonidris.

Fashion meets entertainment, and the narrative continues – join us in the ongoing chapters of style, sophistication, and limitless creativity.

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Senior Fashion Editor, Upscale Magazine

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