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“OKay, deep breath…


Why did I wait so long???”

This was me last week getting my lady parts waxed knowing good and well that I waited waaaaay too long in between waxings.  I mean, come on… I have a 6 year old, I travel for work and I am too busy to make appointments for myself.  I used to have a system of getting my waxes while traveling since that was something consistent and the ONLY “me time” I ever have, but this last time it just didn’t happen.

This week I had a work meeting in Arizona and I knew I wanted to hang out at the pool the 1st day before our meetings.  I certainly didn’t want to have that scene from the movie Sex and The City play out in real life and most CERTAINLY not MY life, so on my busiest day of the week I said I would just cram a wax appointment in.

As an esthetician I know better than to get waxed when my body is already stressed, and I also know many tricks that get my body prepared to lessen the pain.  Here is a list to help you, besties, have a better experience than I had:

This list says that it’s for 1st timers, but I use the majority of the steps every time I go in for a wax.  A couple of other things I would add would be to drink lots of water to stay hydrated, NO CAFFEINE, and no stress before or after your appointment.  One other important thing is to keep your appointments consistent.  I typically get my waxings 6 weeks apart.  Do as I say, not as I do, my friends, becase CLEARLY this last appointment would have gone much better if I took my own advice!

What are some other waxing tips and tricks you can share?  Comment below.

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