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Vivica A. Fox sits down with Jenna Nia to discuss the new movie ‘ Not Another Church Movie’ opening in theaters worldwide on May 10th The film is a spoof of a conglomerate of black films that’s sure to make you laugh your socks off. Jamie Foxx plays God and Mickey Rourke plays the Devil and boy is there so many stories in this film.


Most of the spoofs are based off of Tyler Perry’s films. The actors Kevin Daniels (Taylor Pharry), Tisha Campbell (Flora Black), Jasmine Guy (Actress), Kyla Pratt, Pierre Edwards (Bus Drive Tyrone) and others are dynamic in their roles.


Vivica A. Fox (who plays Judge Mablean Ephriam) stated ‘Tyler Perry we love you so much, and we love all your films,’ in her interview.


They say imitation is the best form of flattery, so let’s wait and see what the reviews are after opening weekend.


The billionaire talk show host Hoprah Windfall uses her direct connection to God  (Jamie Foxx) demanding he deliver a hero to help her plummeting ratings or else she will get cancelled. In panic mode, God decides to call on the hardest-working man in the world, Taylor Pherry (Kevin Daniels). Despite Taylor’s lack of experience,


God convinces him to do the impossible. He wants them to write a hit movie using his dysfunctional, crazy family as the inspiration. However,  the Devil (Mickey Rourke) is in the details and he has a fiendish plan of his own to disrupt the whole ordeal.


The Director and writer Johnny Mack did a phenomenal job with this film. The comedic timing hits the spot. Look up your local theaters in the directory to see what theaters are filming the movie and take the family out for a good time.