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Executive Producer Jermain Dupri stopped by Upscale again to share his thoughts on Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told. A celebratory exploration of the boisterous times of Freaknik, the iconic Atlanta street party that drew hundreds of thousands of people in the 80s and 90s. Culturally placing Atlanta on the map as the place to be. Director


Taraji P. Henson as “Shug Avery” shines bright in The Color Purple. Her character captivates the screen from beginning to end. In conversation, Taraji shares insight on how the film shows the pain, strength, and determination of all the women in the movie. She also opens up about working with director Blitz Bazawule and how his vision was perfect and exciting for people to see.


Phylicia Pearl Mpasi plays “Young Celie” in the new beloved classic “The Color Purple.” Ms. Mpasi shares her journey in the process and why the color purple resonated with her during filming. She also touched on some of her own personal healing that she had to overcome and how the movie helped allow her to find herself in the process. Alongside Halle Bailey’s “Young Nettie”, who plays her sister in the film, the two create an unbreakable bond throughout the movie.


Colman Domingo sets the screen on fire as “Mister” in the new drama musical The Color Purple. In conversation, Colman shares how the characteristics of Mister may be difficult for people to grasp but a necessary.  Alongside Corey Hawkins’s “Harpo,” the two create a father-son dynamic on screen that’s a must-see.


Danielle Brooks explodes on the scene as “Sofia” in the new drama musical The Color Purple. Her powerful character gives an array of emotions from strength to self-worth, pain, doubt, and how to find yourself again and rise back up. In her exclusive Upscale interview, Danielle shares why purple doesn’t look the same anymore. Now it holds a new meaning that everyone should stop and take a look to see.

Upscale gets to talk to Deborah Cox.


Upscale chats with Shanola Hampton.

Upscale talks with Leela James.

Kandi Burruss-Tucker tells us the one thing that made Todd different than every other guy she ever dated.

The electric Tamar Braxton covers Upscale Magazine, in our in-depth interview she held back no punches.

On the verge of the Xscape reunion, Tameka Tiny Harris sat down with us, and we captured the star like she has never been captured before.



Chef Gueli and her amazing son show us how to make a fresh quick guacamole recipe at home enjoy.

We go into the kitchen with Celebrity Chef Lisa Washington who shows us cooking for couples.



Upscale held a private influencer brunch in Atlanta, and the influencers were treated to a special listening session by the award winning Vivian Green.



Fitness guru Chelcie Scott shows us the key to her workout success. Check out these 5 stretch techniques.



Naomi Campbell at Cannes Lions Diversity Collective at Inkwell Beach

Gabrielle Union at Cannes Lions Diversity Collective at Inkwell Beach