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Transform Alabama and Upscale Magazine are partnering to bring Diary of a Hip Hop Woman 90s Themed Party

August 11, 2023, marks the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop Culture’s founding. It was on this day in 1973 that Cindy Campbell, a 17-year-old high school senior, organized a Back-to-School Jam that would have a lasting global impact.

Upscale Magazine June/July Cover
Upscale Magazine June/July Cover

In the five decades since this event, Hip Hop culture has become a phenomenon. It has infused itself into everything from education to politics and touched the lives of millions. Enter nonprofit organization, Transform Alabama, highlighted in the June/July Upscale article “Diary of a Hip Hop Woman”.

The Intersection of Hip Hop and Politics

Transform Alabama is a 501c3 founded in 2020. Its mission is to build a more equitable democracy through intergenerational Hip Hop-based community events and multimedia content that promotes civic engagement.

In 2021, Transform Alabama launched its 5-year Equitable Democracy Plan. The goal is to facilitate outreach activities in 22 counties using radio campaigns, editorials, car shows, and other community activations.

The Black Man Lab youth at a Transform Alabama Malcolm X Day event at Atlanta's APEX Museum in 2022. (Submitted by Dr. Adia Winfrey)
The Black Man Lab youth at a Transform Alabama Malcolm X Day event at Atlanta’s APEX Museum in 2022. (Submitted by Dr. Adia Winfrey)

Two years in and Transform Alabama has built relationships in 10 counties throughout the state of Alabama. In 2023, this nonprofit is on track to reach more than 400,000 people around Alabama with the #Race2ThePolls multimedia campaign, make over 10,000 phone bank attempts, and conduct hundreds of listening sessions. And by co-sponsoring events including the Selma Intergenerational Hip Hop Political Summit and the Alabama NAACP Hip Hop 50 Strategy Session, Transform Alabama is changing the future of political organizing.

#HipHop50 Celebration

Upscale and Transform Alabama are partnering to celebrate #HipHop50 and the organization’s milestones with “Diary of a Hip Hop Woman,” a 90s themed party.  This event is happening August 12th alongside a larger community wide Block Party. It will be held at Miss April’s Workshop, on 121 Court St N, Talladega, Alabama from 6:00pm-8:00pmCT. Tickets are tax deductible and available online. The proceeds will go to Transform Alabama’s year-round community organizing efforts.

Hip Hop exists at the intersection of culture and politics. And as the world gears up to celebrate the 50th year of Hip Hop, it is important that we spotlight its organizing roots. Transform Alabama is carrying on tradition, and Upscale is proud to partner during this milestone year.

To learn more, email Transform Alabama at or visit the website


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