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Great friendships are about connections we make with people in our lives and much more than someone finding you on social media. A friend on Facebook does not mean someone is a friend in life. In this day and time of social media and electronic friendships, Monica Morton, owner of K.N.O.W. LLC, private detective and investigation agency, measures friendship by three essential qualities; “loyalty, open communication, and no judgments.”

“A friend is someone who loves you unconditionally, is supportive and loving. When you find these things in a person, you must have these same qualities for friendship to endure.”

Genuine friendships move past words and into actions, and behaviors that you can see, feel and touch. Friends show up and are present when you need someone to be there. It’s that 3 am-friend who is by your side regardless of the time; someone shielding you from the rough issues and the challenges life throws your way.

For Monica, her real friend was there when she needed her most. “I received a telephone call from a close girlfriend who wanted to know how I was doing during a tough time financially. I was downsizing, laying off employees and the market had crashed.  She said ‘girl I’m going through it too.  I have $20 and a rotisserie chicken.’  She showed up at my door with no judgment, but with twenty dollars and the chicken.  She wanted me to know, that was all that she had, but I could have, what she had.”

In today’s world, when so many people concern themselves with only their personal needs, here was loyalty and non-judgement showing up in behavioral ways and not just words.  For Monica, it meant so much more. “You are supposed to give in the spirit of sacrifice. When you sacrifice, you open the door for blessings to be returned 100%. I have never seen it fail.” 

During her 22 years as a private detective, Monica has also witnessed many friendships destroyed. “I have seen people betray each other over fear. As one person grows and excels to become successful because the other person lacks confidence, they start saying ugly things and turn into bullies. Confidence is important. It flows into every area of your life. Fear and insecurity lead people to make poor choices. It leads to disloyalty, breaking confidences and betrayal – If you are confident you know where your place is in the world.”

Friends are people who lead us in the direction of growth, success and feeling complete.  And, for friendship to flourish each must be committed to leaving a legacy of hope, encouragement, and support with each friendship encounter. Monica does just that.  “I want to be like a fragrance, and leave a little scent behind; where people love what you did and love what you said.  Leaving an essence of friendship; an essence of how we should be in the world.” 

Now that’s true friendship!

This article was written by Annita Thomas, a lifestyle and travel blogger. Annita is also the On-Air Radio Host of Travel Bags With Annita. Follow Annita on Instagram: @AnnitaNfriends