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“Make it last forever and ever… don’t let our love end!”  Keith Sweat made this song a 90’s R&B hit!  Not all things are meant to last “forever and ever”… especially your makeup.  I know, this is your FAVORITE eyeliner that was limited edition, or maybe you don’t even wear makeup that often.  All things aren’t meant to last always, and it is for your health and safety.

So, “how long is too long?”, you might ask.  I am here to save your life, my friend!  Here is a full run down of when to toss your makeup products.



1st things 1st… Mascara (I kinda wanted to break out the Biggie Smalls lyrics, but I will spare you.)  ALWAYS keep an extra mascara on hand.  This will prevent you from using it way past its’ expiration date.  When is that?  3 months.

Yes, you heard me right!  3 months!  Think about it. Your eye is a very moist open area that is very vulnerable.  You don’t want to get the dreaded pink eye or anything worse, now do you?  A good way to keep track of when you open your freshest tube is to place a sticker on the top and write the date 3 months away.  Super simple and it will keep you from having to remember!


Liquid Eye Liner

Liquid Eye Liner is another product that is so close to your eye that you want to ensure your safety.  Since it’s liquid, it harbors bacteria just like mascara.  If you want to prolong the time between new and “ewww”, try using a pencil that you can sharpen.  Sharpened pencils can last much longer and you can sharpen away any “yuck” in a moment’s time.



Many of my clients like to switch out their Foundation from summer to winter.  This is very common not just for the color, but also for the formula.  Many people have a dryer skin type in the winter and an oilier skin type during the summer.  With that said,  you are potentially running between two bottles of foundation for a full year.  If you don’t wear foundation a lot, you may think you can extend it for longer.  Be very cautious if you see any changes in the consistency or it starts smelling a little “funkdafied.”  That is a tell-tell sign that you need a fresh one.  There may also be sunscreen or other active ingredients that may expire due to the loss of efficacy of that ingredient.  Keep your eye out for that, too.


Concealer is in such a small container and if you use it everyday, you shouldn’t have a problem with using it up within 1 year.  If it is under the eyes that you are concealing, remember that the eye is a very moist open area of the face.  You don’t want to grow a science experiment in your concealer.  Same for concealing blemishes that are already breading bacteria on the face.  Putting your brush or finger in the concealer then on the breakout then back in the concealer can continue the vicious cycle of pimple city.

Lipstick and Lipgloss

Lipstick and Lipgloss don’t last too long in my handbag!  I keep the same ones and use it all the way up.  This may not be the case for you.  My bestie has a full on collection of lip products like she is head of the lip department for NY Fashion Week!  If you love lipsticks as much as she does, be sure to toss them every year.  Similar to things close to the eye, the mouth is also an open vessel.  If you have a cold, tickley throat or anything contagious, you may continue to have these issues or they may arise again when you stroke your lipgloss on 1 year later (yuck!)



Anything in a Powder formula has a longer life.  Since the consistency is dry and stays dry, you can get a longer wear out of these products.  But again, if you see anything weird forming on the powder or if you see that moisture is getting into the packaging, you may want to think of an earlier toss date.  At the end of the day, you be the judge. Just know that I was the lawyer that told ya!

– Ryan Whitney Pratt of