Posted on: October 27, 2017 Posted by: Upscale Comments: 0

There is one thing you should know about me.

I hate being judged. I really do.

So when someone says “Don’t let your kids use the internet”, I feel judged.

Offended even.

First of all, I didn’t ask.

Secondly, the thought is archaic.

I’ve learned more about black history from Facebook articles and Instagram memes than I ever learned in school.

Remember the big TV that someone would wheel in during PBS movie day in elementary school? There’s nothing that has ever been played on that t.v. that can compete with Youtube.

These kids are woke. And I love it.

My nine-year-old came home and told me in Social Studies, he learned black people came on boats from Africa to America for work. Slavery was taught to him so kindly.

I may have slightly overreacted by having him watch Roots with me. It opened his eyes though and now he understands to question things that hide the truth. He knows about the Detroit Riots, Battle of Fort Pillow, and the Watts Riots already because of the internet.

He understands Colin Kaepernick’s message and is trying to grow his hair out like him.

Which leads me back to my first statement, don’t judge me.

I know. My son’s hair is growing out because he wants to be like Kaep and it looks wild but he loves it. He’s at that age where he is developing a level of consciousness and Kaep speaks to that for him. I love watching him research Kaep stories. No, I don’t want your opinion about haircuts.

The point is my son gets it at 9 years old because of the internet. And his parents. Definitely not his 4th grade social studies teacher.

It’s also where I get a lot of my information.

So why not let my kids use the internet?

Maybe someone could recommend their favorite parental control programs. That’s useful. But please, don’t give me your unsolicited parenting advice about my kids and the internet.