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One of my all-time favorite books is Dr. Seuss’ Oh the Places You’ll Go.  It is an inspiring poem that more so connects to adults although it is a children’s book.  The over-arching message is one of redemption.  Regardless of life’s challenges, you are going great places far and wide. But what I love most about this liberating tale is how honest it is about life’s journey.  In the portion of the story I quoted above, it discusses the “The Waiting Place”.

There are high moments in life.

Happiness is everywhere.  Everything is showing up sunny.  Blessings are boundless, and things are going your way.  Then, there are the quiet seasons.  The waiting seasons where it is silent and still. Feelings of loneliness are insurmountable.  With nothing but your thoughts, your mistakes, and yourself, you are forced to face all the consequences of your choices.  You are forced to wait for the next big thing that may or may not come.  What does one do?  How does one cope?

The “sunny-side up” in me is going to sell you on the positives of the waiting place, because that’s my job :-), but not before I honestly fill you in on the realities of this very humbling place.

It sucks.

It sucks ass. You feel defeated and deserted…helpless.  It, however, can be a very empowering place.  Yes, empowering was the right word choice.  As a waiting place pro, I speak from experience.  The waiting place most times is necessary, and here is why:

The waiting place gives you something that can be seen as a blessing and a curse (depending on how you use it). 

Time.  Time to grieve the old.  Time to plan your next move.  Time to reflect.  Time to rest. Time to be still.  Time to rebuild.

Facing yourself is never easy, but it is the only way you can see the things that need to change which will only make you stronger and wiser.  

The waiting place gives you time to do just that.

It forces you to change paths. 

Now the waiting place can be painfully brutal, but it is often far better than the path that led you there.  The waiting place, in some ways, saves you from continuing a painful situation.

It protects you from further damage.

It removes you.

The waiting place opens you to possibilities you may not of otherwise been open to.

A friend of mine lost her job (the job was horrible, and she needed to change paths, for sure).  She is now in the waiting place.  But the amazing thing is now she is open to, and looking for jobs that she wouldn’t of otherwise looked for.  Jobs out of state.  Jobs that are befitting of her qualifications.  Jobs that she probably wouldn’t of considered a year ago.

When you are not tied to anything, you are open to everything.

The waiting place helps you see all the opportunities ahead of you and plan for the future you want.

So, whether you are waiting on the next job, or the next relationship, or the next 10 pounds to lose, or the next opportunity, know that there is a divine and vital reason for being there.  Find the lessons in the waiting place, so you don’t repeat the mistakes.  Find the peace in the waiting place, so that you can bring joy, light, and a whole self in life’s next stage

Know that the waiting place is temporary.

You won’t be there forever because just like Dr. Seuss says, “you’re off to great places”!


-Veronica Thomas of