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2024 is a year for emerging creatives and creativity is something Clif Vmir has had on lock since being a teen. From styling icons to becoming an icon. Booked and busy is literally Cliff Vmir’s new name and he’s letting the girlies know why. Recently UPSCALE had the pleasure of going behind the scenes with Cliff and finding out just what the driving force is behind his creativity.

UPSCALE: You started your journey of doing hair at a young age and managed to build a successful clientele. What was it that you decided to pursue that field?

CLIFF: I feel like I didn’t decide, I feel like I was the chosen one. It was a gift that I was born with. As a super young child I knew I was interested in hair. I remember being in my moms closet. I used to be fascinated with anything that resembled hair from fringe, strings, to my sister’s, friends or Barbie dolls hair. If anyone was around me with hair I felt like I had to touch it. Once I found out I could do hair and get paid for it, it felt perfect for me. I love doing hair so much that sometimes I’d forget that payment was even involved.

UPSCALE: When you think of style constantly evolving, which style or era has been your favorite this far?

CLIFF: The wig and extensions era, we went from the pack hair leave out to the closure, transparent HD lace frontals the wigs. I feel like hair keeps evolving with new things going on. Now we have micro links, tape ins, or combinations. In my eyes it’s becoming more and more natural and seamless looking, it’s so much more versatile now.

UPSCALE: When you first started getting your celebrity clientele, what was that moment like for you?

CLIFF: The moment was such a big accomplishment, which is cliche to say but for me at age 15/16 years I got a call to do  New York from Flavor of Love. I remember skipping school to do her hair. I’m doing an icon hair, you couldn’t tell me anything. Here I am young doing an icon’s hair. At that time I felt like I already won. I felt on top of the world; Breaking a barrier because not many people were doing this.

UPSCALE: You are a serial entrepreneur now as well as you being a brand. How do you find balance?

CLIFF: I don’t find any balance, I feel like I’m always working  I’m always working when I go to sleep I’m working, I’m falling asleep mid email at 11 pm, waking up early in the morning getting straight to work whether to the salon or creating content to promote my products on Tik Tok, or printing my labels to ship.

When you are trying to become a billionaire, they say the average billionaire has 7 sources of income so it’s hard to find balance between because it’s a part of my life. I’m so used to it now I don’t need any balance. Even when I’m doing personal things like vacations, working or if I’m in the club I’m checking emails. But I will say I’m not balanced but I’m organized, I love to work and stay busy. It’s a lifestyle I’m getting paid to live my life.

UPSCALE: You definitely serve looks with your dynamic fashions. When it comes to styling yourself do you have a team or is styling another hidden passion of yours?

CLIFF: I wouldn’t call it styling because I don’t feel like a fashion girl at all, but I know how to make myself look really nice and presentable. I’m not big on what’s trendy but I know what looks good and what people like to see. This is even with my clients, when they get their hair done I tell them what they should wear and how they should do their makeup.

There’s no team behind me with that. It’s just me figuring it out. I don’t put much thought into it. When you overthink things that’s when it looks a mess but when you let it flow it comes out looking good. Style has to be in you, it has to be authentic.

UPSCALE: Speaking of hidden passions, you’ve recently started trending as an artist. How long have you been doing music?

CLIFF: I’ve been doing music since 2018. My first freestyle on Instagram, the bars were okay but the delivery wasn’t the best, so I started studying my craft 2018-2020. I studied the dynamics of hip hop, and artist development to perfect my craft. I spent $250,000 investing in myself. Paying coaches, getting in the studio practicing endurance, and making sure I’m clear. Before it was forced, now it’s so easy. That’s one of the things that has to be in you like being a hairstylist – you can start off okay but once you perfect your craft, it’s over.

UPSCALE: Who would you say are some of your music inspirations?

CLIFF: I know it may sound cliche but Nicki Minaj has led the way for so many years. I love when Megan the Stallion came out. She came in so different; a sophisticated girl in school. I love what she was standing for, from the beach clean up to the Cognac Queens pageants. She’s pushing girls that were in school. I respect Cardi a lot because of her work ethic. I actually used to do her hair. So seeing her go from love and hip hop & stripping days to being one of the worlds biggest artist, I feel like her work ethic is unmatched. Flo Milli continues to grind her consistent Yung Baby Tate – diverse – pop and hip hop and is a genius when it comes to spitting bars. There’s a lot in the industry but those are the main ones.

UPSCALE: How would you describe your music?

CLIFF: Fun music on some bossy type stuff just being fun, we’re dissing broke guys and being fun and carefree, being yourself and authentic, people who wake up in the morning say I’m a Bad A** B****.

UPSCALE: When you think of yourself and your brand, where are you aspiring to be within the next 5 years?

CLIFF: I see myself being signed to a big label – Republic or Atlantic Records – products in Target, Walmart, & Sally’s, being on reality tv again, having kids and working extremely hard but on a mainstream level.

UPSCALE: As a creative at times there’s pressure to constantly keep up with this trend or that. How have you dealt with that and what advice would you give to someone experiencing that?

CLIFF: When it comes to this industry beauty or music – you can’t let anyone pressure you or worry about what you have going on. Don’t look around; you have to focus on yourself and keep your eyes on the prize. If there’s a trend going on, if it’s in you, you’ll be your own trend/ trend setter, always be a leader, try to be creative as you can always.

UPSCALE: What’s next for you?

CLIFF: What’s next for me… I am doing a lace master class on June 23rd called The Blueprint Lace Masterclass – I have Queen Leora as a Host and Savage Dolls will be my models. I’m also dropping an EP in June. I’m just Pushing products trying to go viral. I’ve always been working but I want to finally show people what I’ve have going on.


Cliff’s manifestation is REAL. They say write your vision and make it plain and Cliff has it down to the label he will sign with and more. We love this type of positive energy. Cliff is right, never let yourself get too pressured at anything. Look to others who are in the field you’re trying to get into and admire them and learn from them. Study the craft that you want and remember your dreams and goals are limitless and there’s always room for you. Pull up your chair and take your seat at the table, they’ve been waiting for you!