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The Thrill You Must Seek- Intimate Conversation With Tony Talks 

By: Mo Clark

     Captivating content is just what we need. Emerging creators from all walks of life are keeping up with the trends and creating fresh content on the daily. Have you ever had that one video on social media that you replay? That one skit that you reshare with your friends? Better yet, that one post that literally made you laugh on a day where you barely even wanted to smile? We’ve all been there a time or two. With everyday life sometimes throwing its cantankerous twists and turns it can be hard to gain control. What better way than to take a brief escape? That’s just what comedian/ actor Tony Talks does with his humorous skits and relatable characters and content. Recently UPSCALE had the pleasure of catching up with Tony and gaining insight on just how this media mogul remains in the realm of creation.

Photo Credit: Paris Steward |Tall Tower Studios

UPSCALE: When did you actually get the acting bug?

TONY: I’ve always had a desire for performing! At a young age, I would always imagine seeing myself on the big screen. As I got older, I got tired of waiting for my chance to be seen on that “big screen”, so I brought the screen to me by creating content!

UPSCALE:  What do you feel like some of your doubts were when you first started and how did you overcome that?

TONY: What’s crazy is, in the beginning I didn’t really have doubts because I was so driven to just show myself I can make it. Honestly, being successful has created doubts, however, I have an awesome team and an amazing support group that helps address any of those concerns!

UPSCALE: In a world of social media and things that are trending, how do you make it so that your brand stands out?

TONY: My brand sticks out because I don’t force it, if that makes sense. I don’t get triggered by what’s “trending” but I create content that I enjoy and that seems to keep me noticed!

UPSCALE:  You’ve had the pleasure of working with several brands, what was that like for you when you received your first big endorsement?

TONY: It was confirmation for me. It was the feeling of being seen by a wider audience. Honestly It was a great day for my ego and my wallet.

UPSCALE:  Do you ever have those days where you feel pressured to create fresh new content and how do you navigate through that?

TONY: Yes, more so recently than ever. I navigate by isolating myself from social media. I have to protect my imagination, and for that to happen, the phone needs to be shut down for a few days! As an influencer, you feel your face has to be seen 24/7. The minute you realize it doesn’t and take time to polish up your content, those pressured moments are not as frequent!

UPSCALE: Sometimes our family and friends don’t give us the support that we feel as though we need, have you had to experience any of that and how did you handle that?

TONY: Absolutely! When I first started, I assumed what I was doing was weird and/or something I should be embarrassed about. My navigation around that was to just keep being “weird” and sharing my “weirdness”. Only then did I realize my family supported me the entire time and all those thoughts were a reflection of how I felt about myself!

UPSCALE: People look to you as motivation and inspiration. Who were some of your influences while you were finding your way?

TONY: Thank you! I always watched motivational videos frequently as a child. Individuals like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, and Lisa Nichols were frequent influences I would watch!

UPSCALE:  At UPSCALE, we definitely believe in following your dreams and your passions, what advice can you share with our readers who may want to be a successful content creator like yourself?

TONY: Don’t go finding your audience. Let your audience find you! Allow mistakes because you don’t have to start off perfect! We all have something in us that the world is WAITING to see. You have to just allow yourself to see it first!

UPSCALE:  What or who would you say drives you the most and at this point to keep going?

TONY: Honestly, I’m working on that. It changes all the time. I’ve been in autopilot for a while now and I JUST discovered the manual controls. Today, my heart says family!

UPSCALE:  Let us in on your secrets, what’s next for Tony Talks?

TONY: What’s next for Tony Talks? Hmm, well after this interview, I plan on eating dinner, watching a few episodes of Family Guy and heading to sleep! Stick around to see what tomorrow brings!

     Well what a way to kick off the holiday season and roll in to 2024. Gather your loved ones and prepare for laughter. Create the loving environment that you want. If you’re feeling creative, drop those skits! It’s time to work and get your funny out the vault! Make sure to keep following Tony Talks and show your support. As always stay tuned for UPSCALE’S next big interview.

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