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It all commenced in March 1975 at Paradise Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Six year-old Trina and seven year-old Valerie, dressed in white, were huddled together on the church pew awaiting baptism. The duo exchanged names and a few moments later, sealed their commitment to devoting their lives to Christ.  What the little girls did not imagine was they were also taking the initial steps toward devotion to each other and the friendship of a lifetime.

“From that day, we have been in each other’s lives,” reminisces Trina Horton. “Throughout our over forty years of friendship, we have three key components that hold it together.  They are respect, loyalty and trust.  I believe that no matter who you may be, everyone needs a good friend to count on. No one should go through this life alone.”

Trina and Valerie, as well as all other great friends out there, get an opportunity to celebrate International Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August. To commemorate this special day, is presenting a two-part series to spotlight a few very special relationships. In this first article, we have an opportunity to get to know childhood friends that have used their friendship to launch a business.  We asked them to tell us about their amazing new venture and share the true significance of friendship.

“It means having a mutually reciprocal and affectionate regard for another person,” says Valerie Floyd, echoing Trina’s sentiments of having trust, loyalty and support.  “Additionally, you can be yourself with all of your faults and still be unconditionally loved anyway.  You have a true NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. That is what I have found in my friend Trina.”

Throughout their decades long friendship, Trina and Valerie have experienced the very highs and the very lows. Their most difficult valley experience was the loss of Valerie’s mom who was affectionately known as “Momma Sadie”. Their peaks in life included marriages, raising beautiful children, starting careers and embarking on a new business venture aptly named Power of The Pair.

“In 2015, Valerie and I were burnt out and at a crossroad. We decided to transform our lives. I’ve always felt a greater calling and purpose in our friendship,” shares Trina. “I awoke one morning with the name ‘Power of The Pair’ in my head for a business.  I mentioned it to Valerie and she confirmed that name.”

The company was formed because the ladies realized the vital importance of educating and consulting with both women and men globally. The twosome share how genuine friendships can powerfully and potently transform lives.

“Authentic friendships transform and help propel you into purpose through collaborating and partnering,” says Valerie. “Because relationships with people are an intricate part of living, we must deal with people in some form or faction. Our primary purpose for teaching on friendship is to show that through friendship and partnering, we are better working together than apart.”

Find out how to make your own great friendship connection by reaching out to The Power of The Pair: P.O. Box 57169, Atlanta, Georgia 30343, Phone: 770-779-9144, Website: www.powerofthepair.comEmail:,

Facebook: Trina and Valerie, Instagram: @powerofthepair, Twitter: @powerofthepair, You Tube Channel: Power of the Pair and Periscope: Power of the Pair.

“Friendship is a wonderful gift. True friends can be hard to find.  Friendship means having someone there for you in the good times and the bad times. I strongly believe that it is one of the most important relationships you will ever have in life,” says Trina.