Posted on: December 1, 2023 Posted by: Jonell Comments: 0

The Only Black Owned All Inclusive Co-Working Space in the country is Now Open in Atlanta ‘RB Solution Center

Tax guru and owner of LB Tax & Business Advisors  Brian Joubert has opened the RB Solution Center in the  Cumberland area of Cobb County Georgia. The co-working space was specialized to catering the entrepreneur. There is a private conference room, a relaxation room, a massage room (where you can book a private massage therapist to meet you there). Events, classes, meeting space for you and your client and virtual meetings all can take place at the center. You can use this brick and mortar virtual address to help with your qualifications to get business funding.

Nothing beats the experience of the 26 year vet to the tax business, who has a plethora of knowledge about the difference between using an LLC vs an S Corp or a Corporation. Many people simply do not understand that by getting an LLC they run the risk of being double taxed. There are several reasons to schedule a private one on one appointment with tax expert Brian Joubert. LB Tax & Business  Advisors is located near Cumberland Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. The RB Solution Center is located in the same building as the tax office. In fact Brian Joubert didn’t just buy his own table to conduct tax evaluations and preparations but he purchased the entire building because of his concern for the community having everything that they need right at their fingertips.

Please listen to the above interview and find out all the exciting things that are taking place at LB Tax & Business Advisors (2255 Cumberland Pkwy Bldg 1600, Atlanta 30339)and the RB Solution Center.