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TS Madison: Incredible, Courageous, & Unapologetic

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Pride Month was definitely a celebration worldwide for the LGBTQIA community in reverence to being free to be who you are. This holds true to one’s choices in life as long as you are happy.

Would you like acceptance? Absolutely. It makes sense in being comfortable in our own community, which consists of friends, family, and different beliefs. Upscale had to honor of a conversation with a Queen who emphasizes that other’s acceptance of her is no longer, needed, required , nor desired!

TS Madison, also known as Maddie, have weathered storms, setbacks, and strong comebacks from what she stated were lessons that showed her authenticity, tenacity, and resilience. She expressed that she learned to keep going no matter how many doors close. Maddie’s transparency is so live, in color, and out loud.

The genuine articulation is precise and to the point, as one may say, straight with no chaser, when she speaks about advocating for LGBTQIA rights and policies. Also being a Black transgender woman, just living her best life is her success. Starting as a reality TV personality, actress, musical artist, and with her show The TS Madison Experience she became the first Black transgender woman to star in and executive produce her own reality series.

TS Madison, has gained superstar status with all of her accolades. The first included being featured on Beyonce’s “Renaissance” track titled “COZY.” She also co-stars with Gabrielle Union in a new Netflix movie The Perfect Find. Madison is also a permanent judge on RuPaul Drag Race as well as an author and motivational speaker, who obtained an honorary doctorate of philosophy in humanitarianism from Leaders Esteem Christian Bible University in Houston Texas. She is also a recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards.

In this day and time it is not an easy task encountering realness versus fallacy characteristics. Madison is a breath of fresh air. She shared that the core of her existence is having a close relationship with her mother, whom she deems as her best friend, who keeps her grounded. There so much more to come for Madison as she works constantly for the betterment of the community. She indicates that nothing in life is placed on your doorstep. According to Madison, “You have to get it! You have to not allow negativity to seap in that may throw you off your focus.” Thank you, Ms. TS Madison, for sincerely placing a smile in my heart and adding new meaning to sisterhood.