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South Side Jamaica’s Creator & King of the Blends, the Legendary DJ GrandMaster Vic

Written By: Tara S. Merchant


In the vibrant landscape of music, there are artists who transcend boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Victor Reed, affectionately known as South Side Jamaica New York’s Grandmaster Vic, is one such luminary. With his unmatched talent for blending genres and his soul-stirring rendition of R&B artist Keni Burke’s “Keep Rising to The Top,” GrandMaster Vic has carved a legendary path through the music industry. This article pays homage to the profound contributions of a man who is not a myth, but a true legend.

The Art of Blending:

GrandMaster Vic expertise lies in his artful blending of diverse musical genres. Being the creator of the blends, with an innate ability to fuse elements of hip-hop, soul, reggae, and more, he creates a harmonious soundscape that resonates with listeners on a profound level. His DJ sets are a testament to his deep understanding of music’s power to transcend boundaries, bringing people from all walks of life together in celebration of sound.

Keep Rising to The Top!

Among GrandMaster Vic notable achievements is his breathtaking rendition of Keni Burke’s classic R&B anthem, “Keep Rising to The Top.” With his unique interpretation, he breathes new life into the song, infusing it with his signature style and impeccable blending techniques, making ” Rising To The Top” a Queens Anthem. GrandMaster Vic version captivates audiences with its infectious energy, reminding us all of the importance of resilience and pushing ourselves to reach new heights. The Late Biz Markie, is one of the few, that GrandMaster Vic inspired and taught the art of deejaying in his home, in South Jamaica 40 Projects.

Photo Courtesy: Victor Reed GMV


Collaborations that Define Greatness:

GrandMaster Vic’s genius extends beyond his solo endeavors. Throughout his illustrious career, he has collaborated with a multitude of artists, Mr. Cheeks, and other notable music artist each collaboration a testament to his ability to elevate the music industry as a whole. From working with emerging talents to collaborating with established icons, GrandMaster Vic contributions have left an indelible mark on the fabric of music. Touring with,  Nas-  on his Illmatic Tour in 1994 and Usher’s 2002 Tour. Impacting DJ’s around the country, as testimonies of his influence on the elite: DJ Divine from Infinity Machine, Irv Gotti of Murder Inc., Cut Master JT, The Amazing Dewitt, TapeMasta B, Doggtime and a host of others.

His collaborations transcend genres, bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds to create something truly magical. These partnerships not only showcase GrandMaster Vic musical prowess but also demonstrate his commitment to fostering a sense of unity and artistic growth within the industry.

The Legend Unveiled:

GrandMaster Vic’s impact on the music industry cannot be overstated. As Creator of The Blends his skills of taking a Acapella and placing them over an instrumental, opened a new lane for Queens MC’s and artist. Making room for a new genre called R&B. His awesome rendition of “Rising To The Top” inspired other artists such as; 50 Cent, Nas, Fredo Starr, Mary J Blige, Vic Damone, LL Kool J, and Dougie Fresh, sampled, ” Rising To The Top” incorporating Grand Master Vic’s artisty within their music project’s past and present. Solidifying, his status as a true legend. GrandMaster Vic’s contributions extend far beyond the boundaries of South Side Jamaica, resonating with music lovers around the world.


His artistry serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians, reminding them of the transformative power of music and the importance of pushing boundaries. GrandMaster Vic’s legacy is not one of myth, but of a man who defied conventions and crafted his own unique path, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. As Creator of the blends and the transition of hip hop and R&B. Deeming Rising To The Top! as a South Side Anthem, elevating to a Queens Anthem.

Photo Courtesy: Victor Reed GMV

In Conclusion:

Grandmaster Vic, stands tall as a true legend in the music industry. His unrivaled ability to blend genres, his soul-stirring rendition of Keni Burke’s “Keep Rising to The Top,” and his collaborations with other artists have solidified his place in history. GrandMaster Vic, contributions serve as a reminder that greatness knows no boundaries and that music has the power to unite us all.

We salute GrandMaster Vic for his profound and impactful contributions, celebrating him as a true legend, not a myth. His artistry will continue to inspire generations to come, ensuring that his legacy live on timelessly.



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