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Step into the forbidden zone of storytelling with “The Heart of A Man,” masterminded by Ardre Orie. Held at Synchronicity Theatre on May 18th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm for one night only, this production invites audiences on a transformative journey of realization, triumph, inspiration, and ultimately, love. Award-winning author, playwright, and director Ardre Orie crafts an immersive experience, offering women a uniquely orchestrated opportunity to delve into a man’s true feelings and innermost thoughts.

It takes a village to direct and produce a production like “The Heart of a Man.” Let’s meet the talented trio who helped Ardre achieve this milestone. Directed by Stevie Baggs, Jr., a veteran and acclaimed actor known for his roles in Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” and STARZ’s “BMF” series, the film was produced by multifaceted creatives Rashed Randle and Karon Joseph Riley.

Ardre Orie, a Celebrity Memoirist known for her ability to capture the essence of every story, is the visionary behind this “God-ordained” production. Beyond her success, she’s a dynamic force in the industry. As the founder of 13th & Joan Publishing House, she has provided a platform for over 200 authors to share their legacies. Understanding that traditional publishing agreements may not suit every author, Ardre ensures continuous access to exceptional publishing services. Whether you require a ghostwriter, author coaching, or publishing advice, 13th & Joan Publishing House offers comprehensive support for your success.


During Mental Health Awareness Month, “The Heart of A Man” emerges as a powerful testament to the imperative of acknowledging and empathizing with the societal challenges confronting men. Through its all-male cast, the production adeptly navigates audiences through a narrative journey of awareness, triumph, and love, delivering stirring monologues and heartfelt disclosures. Ardre Orie, renowned author, playwright, and director, orchestrates an exceptional performance that intricately weaves the authentic sentiments of the male psyche and heart into a narrative that profoundly resonates. This production offers a distinctive opportunity for women to delve into the deepest emotions and thoughts of men, nurturing understanding and empathy across gender lines. With compelling narratives, sincere performances, and captivating fashion highlights, “The Heart of A Man” stands as a testament to the transformative and enlightening power of storytelling.

Photo credit: From left to right: Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds, Senior Fashion Editor for Upscale Magazine; Executive Producer, Ardre Orie; TV Personality and Celebrity Stylist, Tameka Foster; and Producer, Stevie Baggs Jr.

In conclusion, “The Heart of a Man” is a groundbreaking production that provides a raw and authentic exploration of dating, marriage, sexuality, and love from a male perspective. Visionary creator Ardre Orie, director Stevie Baggs, Jr., and producers Rashed Randle and Karon Joseph Riley have skillfully crafted a film that delves deep into the emotional and psychological landscapes of men. By challenging societal norms, it initiates a much-needed dialogue about the male experience in relationships, making it essential viewing for anyone seeking to understand the heart of a man. Discover what audiences are saying about this groundbreaking production.

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