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By: Michelle DeShields

Upscale sat down with Tameka Foster Raymond- mother, author, fashion stylist, and reality star to discuss her personal journey, growth, upcoming reality show, and her inspiration behind writing her book, ‘Here I Stand’.

Upscale: Can you share some insights into your personal journey and growth as a person, particularly in the aftermath of some of your challenging life events?

Tameka: Balancing life as a mother of five amazing boys is definitely a rollercoaster of emotions and responsibilities. The tragedy with Kile was a heartbreak that’s impossible to put into words, and it reshaped my understanding of strength and resilience. Finding strength during tough times, for me, often comes from the little things – the laughter of my boys, the memories we create together, and the support we give each other. I also draw strength from remembering Kile, honoring his memory in everyday life It’s a journey, and I’m learning every day.


Upscale: In the process of writing your book, were there any moments or revelations that surprised you when you started putting pen to paper?

Tameka: The writing of my book was filled with so many ‘aha’ moments. It turned into a journey of self-reflection, and surprisingly, it forced me to take ownership of my role in various events of my life. Writing was super cathartic. It started as a kind of giant diary for me, a personal space to pour out thoughts and experiences. When I decided to turn it into a book for others, my hope was to offer teachable moments to the readers.

Upscale: As the ex-wife of superstar Usher Raymond, you have undoubtedly attracted public attention. How do you navigate the challenges of co-parenting and maintaining a positive relationship for the sake of your children?

Tameka: Being in the public eye as anyone’s former-wife comes with its challenges, especially when it’s about co-parenting. For me, the key is always putting our boys first.  Communication is crucial, and so is respect. We may not agree on everything, but we always come back to what’s best for our children. It’s a balance, trying to keep things as normal as possible for them, while managing the public aspect. Having a strong support network (the village) and staying focused on the positives helps a lot too. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a loving and stable environment for our kids, and that’s the priority we both share.

Upscale: Given your experiences, both in the public eye and in your personal life, what advice would you give to others facing challenges and trying to overcome obstacles?

Tameka: From my journey, the key is staying true to yourself and pushing forward. Challenges can either break you or make you stronger, depending on how you respond. Use these moments as opportunities to grow. In my book ‘Here I Stand’, I talk about choosing to remain in a beautiful state over a state of suffering. It’s about finding that inner strength and resilience, no matter what life throws your way.

Upscale: Your upcoming reality TV show, ‘Bold & Bougie’ you’re starring in is generating excitement. What motivated you to participate in this project, and what aspects of your life will viewers get to see?

Tameka: I’m pretty excited about ‘Bold & Bougie’.  The big motivator for me to join this project was to showcase my businesses on a larger scale.  It’s a great platform to let the world see what I’m passionate about in my professional life. I’m hoping the viewers will see my personality shines through – the real me. Of course, with reality TV, you’re always a bit at the mercy of editing, so I’m just crossing my fingers that it all comes out positive. I want people to see the authentic side of me, my business ventures, and how I balance life.

Upscale: Speaking of business, as a stylist, how do you express your creativity and individuality through your work? Are there any fashion trends or styles that you’re particularly passionate about?

Tameka: Even though I don’t do much styling these days, when I did, my approach was always about classic, timeless looks over trends. I’ve always had a passion for styles that stand the test of time – those minimalistic, elegant pieces that look just as good today as they will in twenty years. For me, fashion is about expressing individuality in a way that feels authentic and enduring. I love creating looks that not only reflect a person’s personality but also have that classic touch that never goes out of style.

Upscale: The Usher Show or Super Bowl is a significant event, and your reality TV show is set to premiere afterward. How do you feel about the timing, and what can viewers expect from the show?

Tameka: The timing of our show’s premiere right after the Super Bowl is definitely interesting. While I wasn’t involved in that decision, it seems well thought out by those organizing it. It’s a big moment – the Super Bowl brings so much excitement and then our show comes in with its own unique vibe. My children’s father is a true professional, and I aim to bring a similar dedication to my work. The show is a reflection of this commitment and I hope viewers enjoy the mix of entertainment and genuine moments it offers. It’s an opportunity to showcase discipline, passion, and fun, all in one package.

Bold & Bougie premiers February 15th–1066722

Here I Stand available

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  1. I’m so interested to hear what it’s like in the household with 5 boy’s‼️It was crazy with my three but 5 and YOU LOOK LIKE THAT 🤎 I’m here for it! Congratulations and great read UpScale♥️

  2. We love a “aha” moment when beginning the writing journey. That’s how I started writing more myself.
    I’ve actually heard Bold & Bougie, now I have more reasons to watch

  3. Great read! It’s great seeing Tameka’s growth and poise despite the challenges and scrutiny of her past relationship while also maintaining a healthy co parenting relationship.
    Looking forward to watching Bold & Bougie and seeing her on a professional level.

  4. Tameka’s unwavering determination and openness in prioritizing her children’s well-being are truly commendable. Her willingness to share her experiences resonates deeply with mothers who have also endured the loss of a child and understand the complexities of co-parenting.

    It’s heartening to see her speak highly of the father of her children, the renowned artist Usher Raymond, affectionately known as “BIGG TYME” in Chattanooga. Her positive remarks reflect a healthy co-parenting dynamic and a mutual commitment to their children’s upbringing.

    With anticipation, we await Tameka’s forthcoming reality show, eager to witness her journey and celebrate her resilience.

  5. Thank you for opening up about your journey of transforming a significant tragedy into meaningful work. Few can truly grasp the depth of pain from losing a loved one and enduring inner suffering.

    On a different topic, I’m eagerly anticipating your new show. Balancing both business and children can be quite demanding, but you appear to be handling it with grace.

    💗 Excellent piece as we near Women’s History Month.

  6. I was captivated by the interview and it has motivated me to read her book and watch the reality show.

  7. Awesome and insightful interview. I appreciate your vulnerability and character. Thanks for allowing your platform to be used to encourage there.

  8. Great Article. Love how she’s overcome tragedy all while maintaining her strength and faith. Also, her ability to co-parent with a well known celebrity by prioritizing their children and remain grounded is amazing.

  9. I love to see women overcome obstacles and shine afterward. Here I Stand sounds like a great read, and I can not wait to get a copy. Kudos to Ms. Foster and all of her accomplishments, and thanks to Mrs. DeShields for sharing.

  10. Whew. The journey of finding motivation and strength after navigating through life’s storms highlights resilience and inner fortitude. The profound sorrow of losing a child is an unimaginable pain for any parent to endure, compounded by facing other challenges. The retrospective and insightful perspective shared in the article offers valuable insights for readers.

    I appreciate the coparenting aspect highlighted in the article. Putting the children first, despite any personal differences, is truly commendable and ensures that they benefit in the end. I wish we all had that experience.

    The article gave me new respect for you. Your transparency means a great deal, and I am excited to explore the book.

    Great article.

  11. Insightful interview. It’s good to see that developed a good co-parenting relationship. I can’t wait to read the book!

  12. Such a well done interview showing the resilient strength of a woman to keep moving. She’s such a Beautiful person. Great interview!! 👍

  13. This is a very good read. The genuine authenticity of the interview definitely captured a likable flavor of content. Great job Upscale magazine and especially Michelle Elliott Deshields. The show will be on my radar.

  14. Writing is super cathartic indeed!! I too have a multitude of journals that should be published. Thank you for staying true to yourself Tameka and for your vulnerability and authenticity! Congratulations on the opportunity to let your light shine BOLDLY! Wonderful article!

  15. I love how Tameka candidly shared insights from her journey to success, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and resilience. She conveyed those challenges can serve as opportunities for growth, highlighting the significance of maintaining inner strength in the face of adversity.

  16. Awesome interview!! I’m excited to see/read more about Tameka! She seems to be a resilient and amazing mother, woman & businesswoman. The interview was an excellent balance of showcasing Tameka and “tying in” her connections to her superstar ex-husband but not overshadowing her individuality and personal success story. I LOVED that the focus was on HER: her book, her goals, her family/life balance, etc.!! I definitely agree with her in hoping the editors of the show keep it classy and allow us to see her continuous growth and success in a positive light!!

  17. Great interview Michelle DeShields and being a mom of 2 myself I definitely wonder how she juggles it all!! Very inspiring for women who are juggling careers and motherhood.

  18. I can’t wait to read/follow Tameka’s journey. I’m happy she’s embracing her true, authentic self! This was a great article. Thank you Michelle Elliott DeShields for capturing this special moment!

  19. I can’t wait to read and follow Tameka’s journey. I’m happy she’s embracing her true, authentic self! This was a great article. Thank you Michelle Elliott DeShields for capturing this special moment!

  20. Wow, what a great read, to hear about self discovery and learning more about yourself as you face your own trials. Stay strong and progressive!!!

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