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Kawan "KP" Prather is honored with a proclamation from the City of Atlanta

On November 9th, artists, influencers, and icons joined T.I. at the DTLR x Nike x Trap Music Museum experience proclaiming, “The South Got Something to Say.” According to their website, DTLR is one of the country’s most successful lifestyle retailers with over 245 stores in 19 states. In its 40th year, DTLR is known for its unique blend of sports, entertainment, and community connections. So, it only makes sense the brand would draw Atlanta’s fashion, arts, tech, and music scenes by joining forces with Nike and the Trap Music Museum.

The Trap Music Museum recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and is the first of its kind.

DTLR x Nike x The Trap Music Museum

DTLR x Nike x The Trap Music Museum


Atlanta’s District 3 City Councilman Byron Amos was on hand to present proclamations celebrating the Trap Music Museum, rap artist Clifford “TIP” Harris, and music executive Kawan “KP” Prather. KP’s acceptance speech consisted of only two words, “Preciate it.” But without missing a beat, T.I. shared the story about how KP changed his life:

“KP is the person who saw enough in me to pull me off my bicycle while I was selling dope on Bankhead and offered me a record deal when I ain’t never ever stepped into a professional recording studio. Never had no other opportunity.”

According to T.I., before his record deal, his friends would often encourage him to pursue music.

“I always knew that my time would come when my time would come. And I never really had an opportunity until I met KP. And as soon as I got my first opportunity, as soon as I met KP, the man hit me and asked me if I wanted to go to L.A. with him and Outkast and Goodie Mob and Young Bloodz to the Source Awards. I sold every piece of dope I had man to get myself enough money to get out there. And long story short, I went out there man, I came back, I ain’t sold no dope since. Thank you KP.”


After the proclamation ceremony, TIP encouraged everyone present to enjoy each other’s company and be in the moment. He challenged everyone to be candid and make beautiful memories. And the people obliged.

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Like the Back to School Jam that produced Hip Hop Culture in 1973, “The South Got Something to Say” at the Trap Music Museum brought all the elements together. From DJs to store owners and everyone in between, T.I.’s request was received.

The DTLR x Nike x Trap Music Museum mashup was the connector. Witnessing the vibes was an honor. It empowered so many in attendance and is sure to be a catalyst for so much more.