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When it comes to visual storytelling, fashion is always important to executing the vision successfully. From campaigns and music videos to celebrity wardrobes and magazine covers, the stylist is always a key player. We’ve witnessed fashion legends transform culture and propel celebrities into icon status with their creative gifts, and although they perform behind the scenes, their work is deserving of public recognition.

Here at UPSCALE, we’ve always championed Black creativity and honored veterans like June Ambrose and Derek Lee. However, it’s time to spotlight a new leader among Black stylists who are behind some of today’s best fashion moments and creating new waves.

In the world of personal wardrobing and editorial, this global stylist is taking charge and needs to be on your radar.

Swanky Jerry

Jeremiah Ogbodo, also known as Swanky Jerry, is a Nigerian celebrity fashion stylist, TV personality, creative director, and image advisor. He has an innate, unforced grandeur and an insatiable appetite for splendor. Swanky is Black Excellence personified. His name is known by many across the world, especially within the BIPOC community.

He has achieved tremendous success in his career and is a true testament to hard work and dedication. From being featured on the cover of GQ Magazine to dressing some of the most iconic celebrities in the world, Jerry has revolutionized the way fashion is viewed. For me, Swanky’s magic is in his singularity. He doesn’t look like or move like anyone else. He is a shining example of what it means to be successful in today’s society, and his contributions to the fashion world are nothing short of inspiring.

Creating His Own Lane. Making people look good? Check. Contributing to culture? Check. Boosting Africa’s economy? Check. Over the last few years, Swanky has diversified himself in front of the camera, and everything he’s done to this point has been very strategic. It’s been about having the right conversations at the right time.

Beyond the Red Carpet. Jerry continues to strike a balance between lucrative jobs and ones where the relationships or the exposure are worth more than the pay. He’s also adept at expanding the definition of what it means to be a celebrity stylist. He’s one of the few in his field to make the leap from red carpet dressing to editorial work.

His persona, plus his visibility on social media and attending global fashion events has led to unexpected opportunities. Speaking of opportunities, New York City will be all the buzz this week, with NYFW gearing up and underway. is proud to announce Swanky will be honored in the Season 3 presentation with the inaugural Trailblazer Award ’23.

This prominent African American fashion organization and highly anticipated New York City fashion event will highlight the diverse styles of the designers and aim to raise awareness for issues impacting Black fashion culture.

Noir FW Awards Swanky Jerry with First Inaugural Trailblazer Award.

Swanky’s success is Black excellence in action—signed, sealed, delivered. He will continue to make his voice heard, elevating the entire industry with him.

To discover more about Swanky Jerry, follow him on Instagram.