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Normally Sundays in my household are dedicated to prepping for the week – regrouping my mind, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I get it all done while the Mister and our little one are distracted, usually by a sports game. During football season I learn to use my time wisely instead of pretending to watch a game that, to this day I still can’t understand. Even though the season has started, Sundays have a better focus for me: family.

The Mister and I agreed to designate uninterrupted family time each week. Many times we get so engrossed in work, milling through routines at home, and spending too much time on social media (ok, I’m the culprit for doing this) that we look up and realize we haven’t spent valuable time as a family.

So, Sundays are now family days and we only have two rules:


No cell phone allowed unless we are snapping a few photos for memories.


We either choose an activity to do together at home or find a low-cost (preferably free) activity to do in the city. So far we’ve done things like painting together at home, visiting a museum, lunch with grandparents, attended free family events at our local library, play dates with cousins, etc.

We find a lot of great things to do at or

Sunday family fun days have created a good balance and allows us to give undivided attention to our son. I still use Sunday to prep for the week and even moved a few tasks to Saturday, but I’m much more content.

We now all cheer for the same team…the family team. And football ain’t invited!



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