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“Black Woman Magic,” the latest single from Southern Soul icon Bigg Robb’s newest album Vintage is a love letter to Black Women for their strength, beauty, resilience, and nurturing. While the social media stratosphere has debated about whether The Cheesecake Factory is the right place for a date, Bigg Robb’s single talks about relationships where black men and women mutually care for and support each other.

“Our Black Women have consistently endured and ensured that her man, children, and extended family feel loved and appreciated,” shares Bigg Robb. “‘I wrote ‘Black Woman Magic’ and directed its video to celebrate the black love that exists between Black Men and Women in our culture in hopes that our mothers, sisters, and daughters feel more appreciated! It’s not about where he takes you and how much he spends on a date, but how we care and look out for and treat each other!”

“My desire is that every woman of color would post a reel singing the chorus, ‘I’ve Got that Black Woman Magic!’ using #Blackwomanmagic. To the Men, post and tag your lady for bringing #Blackwomanmagic into your life! We have to celebrate ourselves and get back to celebrating #BlackLove!”


Highlights from the album include the title track:

“Vintage,” Get My Groove on, featuring Charlie Wilson; “Happy Hour” and “Black Woman Magic.” Get ready to dance to the fun- loving, “Happy Hour.”  The title track and video for Vintage” recalls the realness of classic and soul music, sure to become a theme song for the over-35 grown folks who are keeping it sexy.

“Black Woman Magic” is a slow-burning ballad with a lush orchestration that celebrates Black Love and honors the strength, beauty, and resilience of Black women.  For the “big sexy men”, there’s “Belly On Ya,” the “big” man’s national anthem. When you get together with your family for the BBQ, there’s the funky remix of “Backyard,” that you can step to!


About Big Robb

Courtesy of Bigg Robb

Beginning his Southern career at Jackson Mississippi’s Malaco Records, Bigg Robb has written and produced over 30 albums in the genre. He composed the viral sensation

Hell To The Naw Naw” by Bishop Bullwinkle  which has nearly 9” million YouTube views. Many of his other compositions continue to grow with over 50 million YouTube views to date.

“I’ve been here for a while, and I’m not tired I’m inspired. My experiences set me apart from many of my contemporaries,” shares Bigg Robb. “Southern Soul music is elevating at an accelerating pace and as one of its major players I feel so blessed to be able to add The Bigg Robb swag and funk into it.

A key contributor to the growth of the Southern Soul genre, Bigg Robb is a music industry vet, successful businessman, and a highly sought- after live performer who performs nine months out of the year- on stages, clubs, coliseums, and state fairs. As a lively entertainer, his latest album, Vintage is definitely a vibe. It is a collection of feel- good music, soul riffs, and Midwest funk with heartfelt lyrics celebrating the beauty and resilience of Black culture. Throughout the entire project, Bigg Robb’s playfulness and inherent funk grooves are balanced by his seasoned smooth vocals.

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