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Written by Clarence Williams IV and directed by Terri Vaughn (Soul Santa, Unthinkably Good Things) “So Fly Christmas” is now streaming on BET+.


After being stood up at the altar on Christmas Eve, Wyvetta (Tichina Arnold) loses her love on her favorite holiday. To show solidarity, Wyvetta’s best friend, Dione (Tami Roman), suggests that the two of them renounce love. Things become complicated when Dione falls for a mild-mannered record store owner (Robert Christopher Riley) and tries to keep it under wraps. Laurissa Romain plays (Sierra) Dione’s Stylish college daughter. The all-star cast includes Gary Budoff (professor) with comedy legends Tommy Davidson (Pastor), Jackee Harry and Michael Colyar playing Wyvetta’s parents.

The film is produced by Worldwide Entertainment and Media in association with Choice Films for BET+.Produced by Pierre Romain, Julie Solinger, and Marc Johnson. Executive Produced by Summer Crockett Moore, Tony Glazer, Tichina Arnold, Tami Roman, Maureen Guthman, Devin Griffin and Jerry Leo for BET+. Co-Executive Produced by Lorisa Bates and Marvin Neil. Co-Produced by John Baldasare, Noelle Broussard, Rene Rodriquez and Associate Produced by Anthony Commodore.

When speaking with the cast in a live Instagram interview, Terri Vaughn (director) described So Fly Christmas as “a film for everyone because the film is about friendships, romance and family. She described that the on set atmosphere was that of a family and that she was surrounded by talented legends.”

During the interview viewers were able to hear from Robert Christopher Riley who plays the love interest in the movie. According to Robert, he says he “learned from greats such as Denzel Washington, Blair Underwood and Terrence Howard about how to play the romantic roles. ”

One of the youngest stars of So Fly Christmas, Laurissa “Lala” Romain is a dual threat as a singer and an actress who songs can be heard in the movies soundtrack. Lala describes her on set experience as “being in a master class of such talented individuals that helped her prepare for set daily.”

If you have not gotten a chance to watch So Fly Christmas then head to BET+ to stream the movie now. To catch more of the interview Upscale had with the cast, then head to @upscalemagazine on Instagram.

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