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Sean C. Hamilton has drifted over into a new lane and he’s loving the journey. The native New Orleanian has traded in his rigid 9-to-5 career for flexibility and freedom to set his own pace. “My transition into real estate is a dream deferred after spending years working in government and the nonprofit sectors,” shares Hamilton.

Hamilton’s passion for real estate (visit website to know more about the best estates situated around this area), architecture and design are intrinsic parts of his DNA. It’s why he infuses his knowledge and fervor for the craft by helping clients change their lives through finding the home of their dreams.

“It’s already been said that from my earliest remembrance, I have always had an interest in real estate and architectural design. Before HGTV was known as such, I recall spending entire weekends watching shows like ‘This Old House’ and others by home improvement expert Bob Villa.

“Today, watching HGTV is a pastime of mine. I’m captivated by home design, landscaping and architectural renderings. The process of taking an abstract thought and transforming it into a masterful plan fascinated me. I believe my purpose is to use real estate as an instrument to change lives,” he explains.

A career in real estate is both financially rewarding and fulfilling. Hamilton agrees wholeheartedly with the latter. “I enjoy meeting new people and learning about the homeownership dreams they have for themselves and their families. Helping a client make decisions about the best strategies to market their home for sale or navigate through the maze of home ownership can be a daunting proposition. My job is to provide every client with information that will ultimately yield their desired outcome. The reward is in the end product, homeownership.”

Hamilton earned his Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees from Southern University in New Orleans. He has worked and lived in Louisiana, New York, Nebraska, Washington, DC and now Georgia. He is now a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Partners – Perimeter East.

The events and experiences of the past two years had a significant impact on Hamilton’s decision to go from zero to 60 mph and swiftly switch careers.

He reveals, “For so many years all I’ve done is work. I have worked so hard for so long; I had forgotten what life and living looked like. However, the world events of the past two years have given way to pause and caused me to take notice of the passage of time and the world around me. So many lessons have been learned, which have come from quiet reflection and deep introspection.

“For the first time in as long as I can recall I see the awe-inspiring beauty in nature, and the gifts that are family, friends, and those I love and care for. I’m finding my way back to me, to peace, self care, love of music, art, architecture, design, fine dining, travel, having a social calendar, the importance of philanthropy and an appreciation for all the finer accoutrements life has to offer. I was away for a very long time, but I’m finally back and better than ever.”

Read what else he has to say.

What does your typical client care about the most?
My clients need to believe I will represent their best real estate interests. They want to know I’m competent and will provide them with sound information that will help them make the best decision. They want to know that I have a solid reputation for honesty and ethical practices. I know my clients want to feel heard. They need to believe as their agent, I hear and understand what matters most to them.

When you look at your client list and the portfolio of work that you’ve built over the years, what are you most proud of?
As a newer agent, building my brand in the extremely competitive real estate market isn’t without its challenges. Establishing a healthy rapport with those I encounter and building a coalition of loyal repeat clients that believe and trust me as being credible happens over time. I equate it to the art of creating an authentic New Orleans creole gumbo, it takes the right mix of good ingredients, skill, and patience. With every contact I make and every relationship that is established, I garner public respect. My sole goal is to represent the best interests of my clients in the most ethical way. So, in a nutshell I’m most proud of the relationships I’m nurturing with the people I meet every day.

What skills do you have that make you distinctive?
I love real estate and respect the ethics of the profession. I’m client centered. I’m an excellent active listener, and I always work tirelessly to represent the best interest of my clients by helping them have a seamless experience. I believe I’m here to help transform lives, one transaction at a time.

How would you describe the culture of your real estate team/company?
When I was newly licensed and sought to place my license with a broker, I first sought the advice of several friends in the field who are veteran agents and brokers. There was one thread that ran through the advice given by each, “If I were you, I’d go with Keller Williams.” They all said Keller Williams Realty was an exceptional training ground and support system for new agents, and their recommendations were spot on. KW’s team concept, training, support, family-like environment and subject-matter experts are all par excellence.

What are you most proud of professionally and personally?
I’m most proud that I took a chance on me. For as many years as I can recall I worked in government and for many years at an executive level with direct oversight of hundreds and at times thousands of employees. I have successfully helped teams manage through some of the most complex issues imaginable.

Yet, the Covid-19 pandemic forced me to be still and rethink everything I knew. It made me rethink how I moved and represented myself in the world. It compelled me to put my life in perspective and follow the dreams I had long had for myself. I encourage everyone not to doubt themselves. If you can muster the strength to trust your instincts and believe you can manifest your dreams, you will. On a personal level, my daughter Iman is without any doubt the thing I’m most proud of. Everything I am is because of her. I pray I’ve made her proud.

Tell us about one, or two, of the most important lessons you learned from a mentor.
I’ve had so many people who have mentored and supported me over the years. Several have poured the best of themselves into me, making me a better leader. Collectively, their message to me has been to listen and take heed to the subtle whispers and voice of God, knowing that if I do so I’ll never go wrong. They also told me to trust and believe in my instincts, exercise unwavering faith, and recognize I’m smarter and more resilient than even I know. Finally, I recall being told to always move forward, one step at a time.