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Fashion Friday Feature: Saint Lucia Fashion Council’s 8th Anniversary Gala

The Saint Lucia Fashion Council, founded by the visionary Joycie Mederick, hosted a spectacular 8th Anniversary Gala on April 27th, 2024, marking a milestone in the island’s fashion landscape. This event wasn’t just about celebrating eight successful years; it was a testament to the council’s unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness in the fashion industry.

At the heart of the festivities was the National Fashion Designers Competition, a showcase of talent and creativity curated by the SFC. Eleven gifted competitors took center stage, transforming and up-cycling garments with remarkable skill and imagination. Their innovative designs not only captivated the audience but also sparked conversations about sustainability and the future of fashion.

About the Saint Lucia Fashion Council (SFC): Established by Joycie Mederick, the Saint Lucia Fashion Council (SFC) is a driving force behind the Caribbean fashion scene. With a strong focus on nurturing talent and promoting sustainability, the SFC provides a vital platform for aspiring designers and Next Gen creatives to thrive. Through strategic partnerships with established designers, educators, and business support schemes, the council empowers emerging talent with invaluable resources and opportunities.

Featured in the image is Joycie Mederick, the founder of the Saint Lucia Fashion Council.

From prestigious design competitions to impactful showcasing initiatives like the SFC Style Week, Rags2Riches, and the SFC Fashion Awards, the council continually raises the bar for excellence in both local and international fashion. With its dedication to fostering creativity and innovation, the SFC remains at the forefront of shaping the future of fashion in Saint Lucia and beyond.

Jemima Harrigan, Designer for House of Gem. Models Kat and Keturia are wearing the up-cycled garments. Photo courtesy of Next Gen Artistry Photography.

The highlight of the evening was Jemima Harrigan, the visionary designer behind House of Gem, who walked away with the coveted title. Her innovative designs, showcased by models Kat and Keturia, captured the essence of up-cycled fashion, blending creativity with environmental consciousness.

Model wearing Jemima Harrigan, Designer for House of Gem. Photo courtesy of Next Gen Artistry Photography.

The gala was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including His Excellency Peter Chen, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and his wife.

His Excellency Peter Chen, Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and his wife.

The Honourable Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce, Business Development, and Consumer Affairs, also attended the event, presenting the prestigious Style Legend Awards.

The Honourable Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce, Business Development, and Consumer Affairs in Saint Lucia.

The 8th Anniversary Gala was a testament to the thriving fashion scene in Saint Lucia, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in the industry. Jemima Harrigan’s victory not only showcased her exceptional talent but also underscored the potential of up-cycling in modern fashion.

As we bid farewell to this captivating glimpse into the Saint Lucia fashion scene, rest assured that the excitement doesn’t end here. Stay tuned for a plethora of updates and highlights from our vibrant fashion community, as we persist in our unwavering dedication to sustainable and innovative fashion. The journey continues, and we invite you to be part of the thrilling adventure ahead. For further insights into the SFC visit their website at

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Photo credits: Next Gen Artistry Photography.

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