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The city that never sleeps held true to form this past week as creatives and style seekers took over the streets of New York, enduring high humidity and storm squalls to preview the latest Spring Summer ‘24 (SS24) collections. Proof that there is no such thing as bad weather when it comes to fashion. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has ended, however, the SS24 season is imminent, so we have compiled a run-down of our favorite shows. From seasoned design legends to the fresh on the scene, up and comers, we have your closet covered.

Join us as we recap the standout moments of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024.

Sergio Hudson serves up ample flair, power dressing and hints of zest for SS24.


The only thing better than the A-listers was the show itself. Hudson took classic patterns and placed them on non-traditional silhouettes—a houndstooth jumpsuit sashayed down the runway, sheer lavallière tops were paired with flouncy pleated skirts, sequin miniskirts, and even styled under a vegan leather corset top. Hudson, known for his monochromatic power suits, showed head-to-toe looks in bright colors, like electric blue and sunburst orange, as well as more muted tones including olive green, red, and chocolate brown. A beautiful mustard yellow tone was weaved throughout his latest wares, and the perfect three-piece gray suit for closing deals and doing business.


Naomi Campbell returns to NYFW: ‘Nerve-wracking to do that walk on every level.

Naomi Campbell debuted her fashion collab with PrettyLittleThing featuring pieces inspired by her iconic ’90s looks. Getty Images/ Theo Wargo

Supermodel Naomi Campbell debuted her latest fashion designs with PrettyLittleThing during New York Fashion Week — and even graced the runway Tuesday at Cipriani 25 Broadway. Campbell, 53, revealed 82 styles in her PrettyLittleThing x Naomi Campbell show, all inspired by her iconic ’90s outfits.

“This collection will bring all the attitude and provide all the statement pieces that will take your wardrobe to a whole new level,” the PrettyLittleThing website reads. Campbell worked with up-and-coming designers Victor Anate and Edvin Thompson to create sleek and sexy gowns, short, sequined party dresses, and steamy mesh pieces.

Bishme Cromartie Explores Street Garde

Project Runway: All Stars winner, Bishme Cromartie
Photography by Sean Scheidt

‘Project Runway All Stars’ Season 20 winner launched his collection at NYFW just days after the big win. Fusing the worlds of Streetwear and Avant-Garde designs, the Faye’s Quantum collection boldly embodies abstract shapes that are both strong and feminine, offering a captivating juxtaposition to denim cargo pants, hooded draped dresses, and romantically ruffled gown skirts. This bold blend explores the uncharted territory of Street Garde – a realm where sensuality, strength, masculinity, and femininity seamlessly coexist, and conventionality is redefined. The Bishme Cromartie woman is dynamic, always on the move, and unapologetically a standout wherever she goes.


Carnaval Couture Presented by Art Meso.

Art Meso featured designer, Cleah Couture Photo courtesy Lana Marie Photography

Art Meso transports showgoers to a world of imagination and creation, with an artistic rendition of Noah’s Ark meets a Wonderland. One of the featured designers, Cleah Couture takes us on a mesmerizing journey into the theme of Carnaval Couture. Cleah is drawing inspiration from all of creation, but the focus is Water. Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing colors of the ocean as the sun dances upon its surface throughout the day and into the night. It’s a theme that promises to be a visual delight, an ode to the fluidity and beauty of water.

As always, the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 ignited the city with a burst of creativity and innovation, where designers wove narratives that pushed the boundaries of fashion and art. Can’t wait till next season.

Yours in fashion,

Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds