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BRAVO recently premiered a new dating show titled, “To Rome for Love”. If you are a single black woman in America you definitely need to be tuned in for the lessons from love and relationship coach Diann Valentine. After planning some of black Hollywood’s most prestigious weddings, it was no stretch of the imagination for her to become a love coach and matchmaker.  According to Valentine the numbers for Black women looking to find love in America can be dismal. She wants Black women to open their minds and possibly their hearts and consider love could come in a different “color” package than the ones they dreamed about when they were a little girl.

“Many of the things that Black women are beat up about in the states are actually assets to men of different cultures,” Valentine explains.

“To Rome for Love” takes six Black women across the ocean to Italy to experience dating outside of the usual black women vs black men dating pool many are limited to in their home environment. As Valentine predicted the women were astonished to learn that not only were their physical attributes cherished and appreciated so much more in Italy, but many of the character traits deemed unattractive such as bossy and aggressive were actually turn-ons for Italian men.

“Italian men are very affectionate and expressive, sometimes that can be a great fit for the strong career African American woman,” she says.

Although she doesn’t believe love has a color, Valentine doesn’t want anyone to misconstrue her intentions …

“I’m certainly not suggesting that black men are bad. I believe in the black family. My intention is simply to give Black women another option at a time when the pickings in their native environment may be slim. There is nothing wrong with options.”

Another thing the women on the show gain from the experience is the opportunity to recognize that some of their dating issues may be self-inflicted.

“If you fly to an entire different country and realize you are having the same issues as you did back at home then one is faced with the reality that it may not be the man, it has to be you. Many of the women had some of the same issues in Italy that they have with Black men back home, so at that point we know the issue is not the man, it’s you.  Once you know the problem is you then you can focus on getting healing and help and moving forward.” Valentine says.

Watching the experience of these six black women thrust into Italian culture is interesting. At the very least it suggests that our predictions for our own love lives are rarely on point because there are so many variables we aren’t privy to. Valentine hopes women watching will take a cue from the ladies selected for the show and at least be open to the possibility of a different definition of love.  “To Rome with Love” airs on BRAVO on Sunday evenings at 9/8 C.

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