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Photo Courtesy of Rocket Sports-1

Atlanta native and activewear designer Jon Dabney had no inkling that a class project during his MBA at the University of Georgia would unveil a passion he was destined to pursue. After graduating from Morehouse College, where he honed his marketing skills, Dabney fused his love for sports and fashion to establish Rocket Sports-1.

Rocketsports-1 embodies the perfect blend of innovation, quality, and comfort, redefining affordable activewear. With an unequivocal mission, the brand aims to create the finest fashion-forward activewear for women, empowering them to both feel and look their best during workouts or leisure while enjoying unparalleled comfort.

What truly sets Rocketsports-1 apart is its commitment to integrating the best elements of iconic brands like ‘LuluLemon’ and ‘Nike’, forging a unique fusion that resonates with the everyday woman.

Starting from humble beginnings, selling activewear out of car trunks, Dabney and his team have organically grown the brand over the past six years.

Photo Courtesy of Rocket Sports-1

“We could not be more thrilled to showcase our exceptional line of activewear garments and products on, as our ultimate goal is to expand into select Walmart stores nationwide. Rocketsports-1 is not merely about activewear; it represents a lifestyle. Our diverse range, from sports bras to leggings, caters to fitness enthusiasts, everyday women, moms, and those seeking comfortable leisure clothing” – Jon Dabney

The key attributes of the Rocketsports-1 leggings are their premium fabric, three-way stretch, anti-roll designs, and a wide array of vibrant colors including pink, blue, red, and black.

Consumers have unanimously vouched for Rocketsports-1 as the current top-selling leggings at Walmart, all offered at an affordable price. ‘We take immense pride in providing women with the comfort and style they truly deserve.”  exclaims Dabney.

He actually encourage me to test out the activewear myself and give him my feedback. I am proud to write about this black owned activewear brand Rocket Sports-1. The activewear pants are so comfortable that I never want to change them out. They are very durable and do not shrink in the wash.

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