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Happy Tuesday, Upscalers! This week, we’re thrilled to spotlight a remarkable creative whose fashion endeavors are garnering attention from the motherland to the US. Meet Redeemer Elinam Kofi Dorbu, affectionately known as “Elinam,” a versatile artist hailing from Accra New Town, Ghana.

Photo credit: Multifaceted creative, Redeemer Elinam Kofi Dorbu

With a repertoire spanning fine art, jewelry design, and writing, Elinam skillfully blends literature, visual art, and fashion to celebrate and honor Africa’s dynamic cultural heritage. Inspired by the resilience of African communities worldwide, he passionately advocates for leveraging history, activism, and collective consciousness to shape a prosperous future for the continent. Join us as we delve into Elinam’s captivating journey and the profound impact of his creative vision on the global fashion landscape.

Photo credit: Multifaceted creative, Redeemer Elinam Kofi Dorbu

Elinam’s educational journey led him to earn a Degree in Art Education from the University of Education, Winneba, with majors in Graphic Design and Jewel Design. It was during his time in school that he began sketching and sourcing materials to create beaded jewelry infused with historical and cultural African essence. His love for history, art history, and philosophy is evident in his work, which often integrates a deep historical knowledge of Africa’s diverse and resilient past.


Drawing on lessons from African history and creativity, Elinam blends a variety of art forms into a stunning tapestry of aesthetic and fashionable innovations. His handcrafted pieces include necklaces, bracelets, clothing, and interior architectural accomplishments, all designed with a deep respect for African heritage.

Photo credit: Custom necklace created by Redeemer Elinam Kofi Dorbu.

As an artist of Black origin, Redeemer Elinam Kofi Dorbu aims to inspire his generation through his craft. He seeks to serve as a bridge between Africa and its diaspora, encouraging personal growth and the collective elevation of the continent and its people. His work is a testament to the beauty and courage of embracing African identity at a time when barriers are being dismantled and new challenges are emerging.

Photo credit: Multifaceted creative, Redeemer Elinam Kofi Dorbu


Through his artistic endeavors, Elinam hopes to spark a global movement that celebrates and elevates African heritage, promoting a sense of pride and progress that resonates worldwide. His dedication to his craft and his heritage makes him a powerful voice in the global artistic community, advocating for a bright and inclusive future for Africa and beyond.

In closing, Elinam’s narrative serves as a testament to the potency of resilience and determination. It underscores the notion that irrespective of the creative obstacles encountered, through steadfastness and a defined vision, we can attain greatness, one bead and thread at a time.

For further details, visit his Instagram @krelidorglobal

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