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Indianapolis, IN May 2024. The much anticipated, “Testimony Service” EP is now available on all streaming platforms, currently charting at #18 on the Billboard Charts.

The EP features 9 tracks that pay homage to classic church songs like, “Hosanna (Blessed Be The Rock),” with an innovative flare, that’ll surely give you a surge of nostalgic praise while enjoying this upbeat and uplifting body of work  courtesy of  the eclectic gospel group, Randy Weston & Judah Band. 

Randy’s ultimate mission for the Testimony Service project is to spread God’s goodness to the masses.
When the 2x cancer survivor found himself grappling with the very faith he ministered, he had to rework his frame of mind and lean not on his own understanding. Several years later, by the undeniable grace of God, Randy is cancer free and on a mission to put his gift to work — testimony style, a standard in the church that he feels could be most beneficial to those outside of its walls.

The “Testimony Service EP is the precursor to a documentary of the same title that explores the history of testimony service in the church, documenting personal accounts from some of the gospel and faith- based industries’ most notable figures such as, Kev On Stage and the church mother’s who led the powerful testimony services. The project will also soon be followed by a multi-city tour, Testimony Service (Take Over) Tour, commencing late spring through the summer of 2024.

We appreciate your support in streaming, buying and sharing the Testimony Service EP and implore you to stay tuned for the official documentary debut and tour date announcements – make sure your city’s on the list!


About Randy Weston 

Randy Weston is an MNRK signed, award winning gospel singer, writer, producer, creative director and speaker hailing from Indianapolis IN. With 15+ years in the gospel sector, atop of his upbringing in the Pentecostal church, Randy delivers a contemporary flare with his anointed messages of God, Making A Way and a particular initiative to transport those messages beyond the walls of the church, to the world at large.

The “For My Good” singer founded the gospel group, Judah Band, starting as its producer and bass guitarist, but out of necessity found himself at the helm of the mic as lead singer of the eclectic ensemble. With 5 Stellar Award nominations and a rich fan base, Randy Weston & Judah Band have been able to carve out a promising lane for themselves in the gospel music and faith–based industries, touring internationally and receiving the support of the industry’s most celebrated contributors.

As a cancer survivor, Randy continues to vocalize God’s glory by way of his soul-stirring music, propelling his career through entrepreneurship with plans of entering the fashion world with a line of men’s suits, aiming to merge faith and fashion in a contemporary way. He’s also passionate about philanthropic efforts, which inspired him to found 19:17, a nonprofit organization that combats the overwhelming plight of the less fortunate who struggle with lack of resources. With the support of local missions and community service organizations, Randy and Judah Band have worked collectively to provide essentials, inspiration and entertainment with their missionary travel. When he’s not belting out anointed tunes in a city near you or doing God’s work, Randy can be found being a dedicated and proud father to his amazing four children or in the kitchen cheffing up “exotic” foods (think rabbit, raccoon, bear — oh my!)

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