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The “Strange Fruit” tour by RAHBI RAW was nothing short of exceptional, imbibing astounding performances with his signature eclectic style. As part of his “Strange Fruit” tour, Rahbi delivered an unforgettable performance at the in Atlanta on Saturday, August 26th. The concert promised an immersive experience for fans, with empowering lyrics, comedic interludes, and special guests. The tour featured a lineup of notable performers, featuring Hero the Band, Jai’Len Josey, Simone Tisci, Remey Williams, Keypsiia, madam cj, Hosted by Willie Hyn w/ Divoli S’vere.

Photo Courtesy of b.alexander_photography


Photo Courtesy of b.alexander_photography
madam cj performing at Strange Fruit Photo Courtesy of perspective park photography

When it comes to iconic figures in the Indie music scene, RAHBI stands as a true pioneer. Like the infectious energy found on the dance floor of legendary nightclub Studio 54, multi-genre artist RAHBI unites beautiful people from all walks of life. RAHBI honed his skills as a dynamic performer at his grandfather’s church in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Finding solace there, and with the encouragement of his parents, the young star quickly realized that he was meant to be on stage. While still in middle school, RAHBI met legendary music executive LA Reid & penned his first major record deal with the group 4th Avenue. Thereafter, the group disbanded, propelling the young artist to pursue a solo career. It was then that RAHBI morphed into the rock star we know today, leader of his beautiful people and ambassador in freeing minds.

Photo Courtesy of b.alexander_photography

RAHBI is praised especially for his dynamic live shows and his versatile vocal range where he perfectly blends the smooth sounds of r&b, energy packed pop/rock & sophisticated funk. He takes musical inspiration from artists as diverse as Prince, Grace Jones, David Bowie, James Hall, Rick James, George Michael, The Clark Sisters, and aims to combust stereotypical ideas in music & art.

RAHBI has rightfully gained the admiration of industry greats such as Erykah Badu, India Arie, Anthony Hamilton, Floetry, Q from 112, PJ Morton, Yahzarah, Anthony David, KEM, Trina Broussard, Charlie Wilson, Keith Sweat, Algebra, Kindred the Family Soul and Janelle Monae. He’s opened for the likes of SZA, Tyler the Creator, Big Freedia, Bilal and more. Rahbi was even summoned in 2005 by Ms. Lauryn Hill to participate in a private jam session held in New York.

Setting Trends with Confidence

Not only known for his soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics, but also for his distinctive sense of style. Rahbi is indeed a fashion tastemaker, widely known for his eclectic and unique style. He has continuously pushed the fashion envelope by choosing outfits that reflect his personality and musical genres.

RAHBI’s every appearance is a fashion statement, influencing a generation of fashion enthusiasts and style aspirants. RAHBI’s distinctive fashion sense goes hand in hand with his music, both demonstrating his individuality, creativity, and commitment to his cultural roots. Rightfully, his music and fashion sense during his Atlanta performance became a symbol of his unique personality and creative genius.

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The ‘Strange’ Atlanta stop was a sensory delight marrying the infectious beats of Rahbi’s’ music with the dramatic expression of his fashion choices. Along with his compelling vocal performances, the fashion highlights served to enhance the overall experience for every member of the audience, making the tour not just a musical event, but also a fashion extravaganza. It won’t be far-fetched to say that Rahbi fashioned his own unique niche, both in terms of his music and his style.

Photo Courtesy of perspective park photography

Truly, it was a profound reminder of why Rahbi continues to reign in his domain.

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  1. Strange was a show of epic proportions! Everyone who blessed the stage, did so with a high degree for professionalism & extreme talent. In short, Rahbi presents STRANGE, didn’t miss! Beautiful people, amazing energy, & unmatched vibes. I’m glad I was able to capture the moment.

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