Posted on: November 15, 2017 Posted by: Upscale Comments: 0

Who doesn’t love a great protective style? My hand is raised high on this one! Whether it’s braids, sewin, twists, cornrows, crochets etc. The creativity of these styles are endless. Which is why many women are huge fans of these endless styles. It’s so easy getting up on those busy morning not worrying about the maintenance of your hair. Not to mention going hard at gym not afraid afraid to bust that extra sweat. Giving your hair a break from regular maintenance is something I encourage with my own clientele. I’m very much here for the protective style.

However, what about the hair underneath these styles? It’s so easy to begin to get comfortable with protective styles that some woman may forget to take care of the hair underneath. When wearing protective styles a rule of thumb is always 8-12 weeks of wear. Really 12 weeks you may be pushing it a bit! Then after you remove the protective style it’s very important to go to a professional for maintenance. I can’t stress enough the importance of in between haircare. I get clients that sit in my chair that had back to back protective styles. When they finally come in the hair is in dire need of cleansing, a good hydration and a major hair cut! Some women may even have dermatitis build up on the scalp and need a series of cleansing treatments.

So ladies, I know those protective natural hair styles can give you all the ease and comforts of your everyday busy life. I beg you to cautiously take care of your real hair underneath with a regular hair care maintenance schedule. Preferably with your favorite haircare professional. Your hair will thank you for it! Therefore you can see the real benefits of your hair being put up and protected for a few weeks.


Photo by Instagram / anthonycuts