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In 2002, Vivian Green’s deep, sultry tone oozed its way over the airwaves with the hit song “Emotional Rollercoaster.” The lyrics were piercing, and Green’s delivery cemented this chart-topping R&B number as one of the most riveting heartbreak songs—ever.

And while her music has earned a reputation for being poetic, melancholy and even mysterious, her voice has remained strong and consistent.

With 15 years, six studio albums and a recent holiday CD with Patti LaBelle to her credit, Green has done what many artists have failed to do in such a pragmatic musical climate—evolve into something magical.

Green’s latest, VGVI (Vivian Green Six), offers the single “I Don’t Know,” a lively, Caribbean-inspired track with a “Lover’s Rock”-infused rhythm and smoky, sensual lyrics. Though it’s a bit different than what Viv Green fans are used to, it’s an enticing switch.

“I wanted to do something brighter and more upbeat,” says Phillyborn Green. “I’ve done sad songs, I love them, of course. However, I wanted to evolve.”

She adds, “I hope people can feel the emotion. When they hear it, I want them to be able to live with it. I want this to be one of those [projects] that becomes a part of your life.”

Though Green seems purposeful in flying slightly under the radar, she’s unveiling herself in a dramatic new way as an actress. With appearances on the TV show American Dreams and the Golden Globe and Grammy-nominated film De-Lovely, Green is also touring as a star in the stage play Two Can Play That Game alongside Vivica A. Fox,
RonReaco Lee, Porsha Williams and Columbus Short.

This girl is on fire.


Written by Linda Day

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