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The same America that loves Donald Trump is the same America that will teach you to hate LaVar Ball.

Popular media controls how he’s portrayed so we see fake news of a caricature of what this man is trying to accomplish.

ESPN is social media for sports so they won’t promote how he drew 1.6 million people to watch his sons play in Lithuania or how he is about to change the face of basketball by creating his own league for high school graduates. And how he is caring for his wife who suffered a serious stroke.

He does it all while being a constant bad ass on the sidelines, making the presence of the Ball family seen and heard.

Instead of his accomplishments, you read about him saying about Luke Walton what most were thinking about Luke Walton and it’s news. Or you hear how his version of events was the opposite of Donald Trump’s and its news again.

Anytime he expresses himself, it’s newsworthy that a black man is being himself and not conforming to the system.

Lavar Ball is Cardi B, The Kardashians and Donald Trump rolled up into one black man and he is a threat to the status quo.

And people hate that.

His basketball league idea is a big deal. In the Alabama V GA game, Saban made 11 million dollars this season while players played for scholarship money.

<strong>This system sounds broken.</strong>

How do coaches and schools get rich but not the players?

Who needs Sallie Mae when you have Lavar Ball? I wish I could play ball to pay off these student loa…nvm.

Lavar Ball is kicking down doors everywhere and doing it as a family man.

Say what you want about Big Baller Brand. It’s not perfect but if Lavar Ball can launch his own shoe, why can’t Kanye West without the support of Adidas?

We have to recognize how much power is in our community, but we have to support each other to benefit from it.

Nobody wins when the family feuds.