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Bernadette Birch, a partnership sales associate at the Coca Cola Company, recently gave birth to a beautiful son by the name of Harrison A. Kimpson. The theme of Baby Harrison’s nursery at home is “Oh the Places He’ll Go”.  One of her several baby showers bore the same theme.

“I chose that theme as a representation of Harrison because of my love for travel and my desire for him to be adventurous and to travel the world,” shared Birch. “During my pregnancy, I found out that three of my first cousins were also expecting babies around the same time.  This was a huge surprise to the family and was definitely not planned so, in the next 18 weeks we plan to visit Harrison’s new cousins in GA, Memphis, TN and Washington, DC.” asked Birch to share her thoughts on the convenience and ease of use of newly released and classic baby products this holiday season. As she and her family travel this yuletide season with two-month old Harrison, she looks forward to trying out this new gear. “This should be an exciting adventure and I can’t wait to utilize all of the baby products on our journey,” says Birch.

The Huggs Contour is a lightweight, innovated baby carrier that is specially crafted for versatility. Why would it be good for parents that are traveling? 


The Huggs Contour Baby Carrier would be good for me to use when traveling and around the house with Harrison because it not only gives great support, but the baby would feel more stable and secure with me.  It also allows him to see in multiple directions because of its ability to face forward which other carriers don’t have this special feature.

Having eight hours of uninterrupted tracks of soothing lullabies, why might the Baby Oasis Blue Tooth Sound Machine be ideal for traveling? 

The Baby Oasis Sound Machine is a dream come true!  With Harrison being a newborn baby, it calms him to listen to the 12 sounds that are offered with this sound machine.  When I was carrying Harrison I would sing and read to him and I’m a believer that this Oasis Machine stimulates his mind and will have a calming effect for traveling or at home.

Why might the Lula Clips Magnetic Car Seat Clips, featuring a child-proof pin system that is compatible with any car seat, be good for traveling with one’s baby?


The Lula Clips Magnetic Car Seat Clips are great for moms on the go like me.  These clips were a great invention and make it much easier for loading Baby Harrison in and out without the headache and hassle of the seatbelt tangling, disturbing the baby during peaceful naps and avoiding possible injuries of seatbelt buckles that have been exposed to heat.  Before using these clips it was quiet a challenge to get Harrison strapped in and ready to go.

Why would Sophie the Giraffe, soothing and entertaining babies since 1961, be ideal for traveling with one’s baby? 

Sophie the Giraffe is an excellent stimulant for Harrison’s five senses.  This is one of his first toys and I’m happy that he has made friends with her.  This toy serves multiple purposes as a teether, makes squeaky sounds, flexible for bending and will not break when on the go.  What a coincidence, Sophie was born in Paris which is one of my favorite European cities and I look forward to exploring it again with Harrison.

ZizzyBee Bags are reusable, washable and zippered. Why would the storage bags be good for carrying travel size baby products on trips? 

The ZizzyBee Bag is a life saver.  It is a mesh, multi-use bag for carrying all of Baby Harrison’s key essentials such as pampers, bottles, ointment, the Sophie the Giraffe Teether and much more.  This bag helps me to stay organized as a new mom on the go and can be carried anywhere. I am looking to order more in different colors to keep Harrisons baby items organized.

“As a new mom, it is critical to have good products for babies because of their safety and well-being.  When I am out purchasing baby items I find myself researching and reviewing comments from other parents on how they rate those particular products before I make my final purchase,” says Birch. “All of the items mentioned above are great for babies and I will share these new finds with other mothers on the go!”