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Casey Joshua Benard

The fashion industry has not always honored the accomplishments of some of fashion’s most influential Black contributors. Historically, Black creators, designers, and craftspeople have been the driving force behind some of fashion’s most notable moments, but too often recognition falls short of those who deserve it.

Since its founding, has endeavored to support and celebrate the diverse communities it serves. This year in honor of Black History Month, the fashion retailer honors Black culture by celebrating Black-owned and Black-founded brands and creating experiences to engage customers and local communities.

There is power in community. Neiman Marcus Atlanta in partnership with Drs. Dionne L. Boyd and Courtney A. Hammonds curated a self-guided exhibit that features and celebrates nine local notable, independent Black designers in Atlanta who are redefining fashion today. These designers are following in the footsteps of other Black designers who have become household names, such as Virgil Abloh and Christopher John Rogers, yet are making their own mark in a way that’s authentic to them.

Be sure to visit Neiman Marcus Atlanta store before the end of the month to view the designs of Casey Joshua Benard, Yvette Crocker, LT Dickens, William “King Pop” Floyd, Rodrick Gilchrist, Zuri Love, Latif Rashad, Omotayo Tinibu and Travis Malloy.

Thank you to NM Atlanta’s senior leadership, Chris Hendel, Becky Dietz, Kelly Hemmings and Joesph Philippi, Visual Lead, Henry Watson, Contemporary and Fine Apparel Assistant Manager, Danielle Harris, Marketing, Rebecca Broadnan and the Neiman Marcus Atlanta Client advisor team (John Hughes, Luke Destin, Mack Jones and David Davis) for curating such an impactful exhibit, amplifying local Black talent.

Upscale checked in with one of the highlighted designers, Casey Joshua Benard to hear about his experience.

Casey Joshua Benard

Upscale: What are some key lessons from this opportunity that you are applying to your business so far?

Casey Joshua Benard: The Designer Collective platform at NM Atlanta has helped me learn how to design and market my brand for a wider audience. Another key takeaway from the program has been learning new techniques of networking. All of our mentorship sessions have emphasized the importance of following up with clients, publishers and media contacts after an initial meeting. This has helped me maintain and even strengthen my business connections.

Casey Joshua Benard

The Path forward:  This week, (Atlanta) will host the mentioned nine local notable, independent Black designers, for an exclusive in-depth panel discussion. The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. RSVP:

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Dr. Dionne L. Boyd
Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds

“We are excited to be a part of this platform to uplift emerging brands and support BIPOC designers,” said Drs. Boyd and Hammonds. “This incredible platform provides a unique opportunity for up-and-coming and seasoned designers to accelerate their growth at Neiman Marcus Atlanta and across the fashion industry.”



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