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Looking for the perfect song to match your energy? Well, we’re happy to say the search is over. On Friday (Oct. 28), fans received new music and visuals from singers Rihanna, Ashanti, SZA, and Chloe that will complement any mood. Let’s talk about it!

‘Lift Me Up’ – Rihanna

Mood It’s Giving: Somber, Peaceful  


The Good Girl Gone Bad is back with the powerful ballad titled ‘Lift Me Up’, a tribute to the late Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman. ‘Lift Me Up’ was written by ‘Essence’ singer Tems, composer Ludwig Göransson, Rihanna, and Black Panther/Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler. It is the first single off the Wakanda Forever soundtrack.  The 34-year-old delivers crisp, clear vocals in the emotionally charged track that make listeners feel every word. Rihanna sings,

Drowning in an endless sea, Take some time and stay with me, Keep me in the strength of your arms, Keep me safe, safe and sound

This is Rihanna’s first release in six years. In spite of her hiatus, Rihanna has been keeping busy. Aside from growing her Fenty beauty empire and becoming a billionaire, the singer had a baby with rapper ASAP Rocky. It was also announced that Rihanna will headline Superbowl LVII in February 2023.

The visual for ‘Lift Me Up’ shows the Fenty mogul belting out the lyrics on a beach at sunset while ocean waves crash against the shore. The video also features clips from some of the film’s most moving scenes (we suggest keeping the Kleenex on standby).


‘Shirt’ – SZA

Mood It’s Giving: Bad Romance


SZA, 32, returns with her latest single, ‘Shirt’. The song’s lyrics and video will take fans on an emotional rollercoaster at maximum speed. ‘Shirt’ exudes all the contrasting feels of a situationship – infatuation, lust, toxicity, anguish, and uncertainty. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you might be in DANGER, girl! HA!

In the song, SZA sings,

It’s what you say and how you do me, How I’m ‘posed to trust, baby? ‘Posed to love?, It ain’t supposed to hurt this way, All I need is the best of you, Baby, how I got to say it? Give me all of you.

The single originally gained buzz in December 2020 when a released snippet snowballed into a viral dance Tik Tok Challenge.

‘Shirt’ was released with an action-packed Quentin Tarantino-esque cinematic feature that stars the CTRL singer and The Photograph actor LaKeith Stanfield, 31, as the sexy, homicidal duo Bonnie and Clyde. The couple’s murderous rampage is filled with twists and turns laced with betrayal and lust.

Let’s see if there’s a happily ever after for SZA and Lakeith in the video.


‘Falling For You’ – Ashanti

Mood It’s Giving: Over It


In her new track ‘Falling for You’, Ashanti lets her man know that she’s done being “Foolish” and that she’s ‘Gotta Move On’ without him. ‘Falling For You’ is definitely an empowerment anthem for anyone straddling the fence between a chaotic relationship and peace of mind.

Ashanti performed the mid-tempo single on Good Morning America last summer. The Grammy-winning singer also teased ‘Falling For You’ on Instagram in what seemed to be a response to Irv Gotti’s claims about the nature of their previous relationship during his Drink Champs interview. ‘Falling For You’ is co-written by Yung Bleu.

The singer/actress/author whose real name is Ashanti Douglas sings:

I bet you think I’d never find another, Think I’d lay around crying ’bout you, I bet you think that I would sit around, While you run around tryna find you 

In the cinematic visual, Ashanti seeks advice from a tarot card reader before coming to terms with her tumultuous relationship and breaking it off.

Was it the right decision? Check out the video.


‘For the Night’ – Chloe Bailey featuring Latto

Mood It’s Giving: Restless


Chloe Bailey addresses an emotionally unavailable man in ‘For the Night’ delivers. Can you relate or can you relate?

Bailey previously shared on Twitter that she wrote the song about rumored former flame/rapper Gunna. “For the Night” will be featured on her upcoming debut solo album.

She sings:

You and your mouth, Cashing checks that you know gonna bounce,  You say you promise and promise, You’ll figure it out.

The “For the Night” music video follows the 24-year-old as she prepares for a performance at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Stage. She is, however, distracted by thoughts of her man’s (played by online personality Druski) broken promises and a wandering eye on Instagram. When she meets up with her homegirl, Latto, the Grammy-nominated rapper steps in with this reminder for a man on the fence:

That don’t mean you good, They only love you at your best (On God), You know where to come and crash when your life a wreck (Come here), Let’s see how it shakes out for the couple.

Let’s see how it shakes out for the couple.

Which song will you have on repeat according to your mood?