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Moniece Slaughter

Singer, songwriter and former reality television star Moniece Slaughter has added another notch on her belt of accomplishments and is now an official published author. She’s been in the lab for the past years processing her life in order to provide us with her new book titled ‘Mayhem’ a mental health memoir.

We were first introduced to Moniece as one of the original cast members of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood franchise. The reality television show showed the ups and downs of Slaughter attempting to co-parent with her son Kamron’s father Lil Fizz.

Season two we caught a glimpse of her singing career and relationship with producer Rich Nice and Moniece was always very transparent with her feelings to her audience whether she was in a great space, a horrible place mentality and her financial struggles to raise her child as a single mom.

The book Mayhem is an amazing read whether you are familiar with the singer/songwriter Moniece Slaughter or not because she touches on many topics relatable  to anyone navigating through life while trying to maintain a relationship or choosing to remain single. Mental health issues reached an all-time high during the pandemic and when you read the book Slaughter will bring out several reasons why and really give you food for thought on her take on so many topics.

Slaughter’s book is designed to help everyone understand that mental health doesn’t have a certain look on the outside and it’s definitely ok to seek therapy if you find yourself not operating in your best state of mind. The pandemic put mental health in the forefront and forced the world to see that it’s definitely a condition many people we least suspect are dealing with.

Phrases such as ‘mental wellness’, ‘mental health’, ‘therapy’ should no longer be taboo or a sign that something is abnormal about the person seeking professional help. These type of health providers are able to help people cope with having a normal day; a task that may seem simple to most.

Visit the website and purchase your copy today. You can also keep up with Moniece Slaughter on social media as she is always going live on her instagram page @Moniece_slaughter.

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