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Michelle Briscoe

Michelle Briscoe moved to Atlanta six years ago having no idea she would become a published author. Not only does she now have a book titled “Queen of Car Deals – How to earn 6 figures as a Lady Dealer,” but she is now deemed as the expert! How amazing it is Michelle is now excited that she is able to share what she has learned with others in hopes it will be a life changing experience for them as well.

“I was always taught the old school ‘each one should teach one method,’ exclaims Michelle. Whenever I’m learning something or teaching a valuable lesson in life, the first thing that comes to my mind is to share the knowledge with somebody else.”

Recently Briscoe celebrated the launch of her book with close friends, family and colleagues that were truly excited about her journey. Since the launch of her press release it has gotten over 91,000 impressions. Typically the sales and the finance manager positions in the car industry have been male dominated. However, Briscoe is breaking down barriers and hitting the numbers in her position as a female Finance Manager at Landmark Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Atlanta.

Queen of Car Deals

If you follow Michelle on social media @theladydealer you will see her life is pretty much an open book. You will also discover her favorite pastime is working out and training. “The way I replenish myself from the hustle and bustle of life and especially after spending long hours at the dealership is by working out and training. It’s important to be the best you need to present yourself as the best from a mental and physical standpoint” – Michelle Briscoe.

It’s also not uncommon to see many of the rappers like 21 Savage, Badazz Boosie and others posting their high end vehicles with their lady dealer. If you have questions for Ms Briscoe or you’re strictly interested in becoming a lady dealer you can find more information on her website