Posted on: April 25, 2024 Posted by: Christina Bronner Comments: 0

Meet the Gen Z’er Helping Millionaires Save Millions 

In the wake of Financial Literacy Month and following Women’s History Month, it’s the perfect time to spotlight the remarkable Black women building in the financial space. Ashia Thompson migrated from Jamaica to the United States, and has since been demonstrating what happens when we put no limits on our dreams. This month, Ashia was honored with the Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence in entrepreneurship. This award is the highest recognition the country offers to its youth. 

Ashia embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at 21-years-old in the U.S, founding Top Tier Accounting, a CPA and accounting firm. Undeterred by the male dominance in her field, she leveraged her expertise to establish herself in the industry where less than 2% of CPAs are Black. Now, at just 26-years-old, Ashia services over 400 clients, with a global portfolio made up of top earners. Her entrepreneurial spirit transcended borders, leading her to establish her accounting firm in Dubai, now making Top Tier Accounting an international firm.  

“It’s important to note that only 1% of partners in accounting firms are Black, highlighting a significant underrepresentation,” said Ashia. “By establishing myself as a minority business owner specializing in serving the 1%, I aim to challenge this disparity and flip the script. I’m also proud to be among the less than 2% of CPAs who are Black.” 

The firm, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, goes beyond business success. Her Mastermind 162 Mentorship Program has raised over $26,000 for institutions like the University of the West Indies. It’s clear that Ashia has no plans of stopping any time soon. Annual luxury retreats to Dubai organized under Top Tier International Tours add a touch of sophistication to professional networking. After establishing her business in Dubai, Ashia decided to create opportunities for her clients to do the same. 

As someone who has defied the odds, Ashia wants to share her space with other entrepreneurs on their journey to success. She offers advice to new business owners, sharing, “Common mistakes many new business owners make include neglecting to maintain detailed records of income and expenses. To sidestep this issue, implement a robust accounting system from the outset. This will not only streamline your finances, but also simplify tax preparation and improve accuracy.”

Although tax season is now over, Ashia wants taxpayers to plan ahead for next year, and reminds us that it’s never too early to start planning.

“Utilizing depreciation can be advantageous for some business owners, allowing them to deduct the cost of assets over time and lower taxable income,” said Ashia. “Owning assets and leveraging assets for business purposes can provide additional tax benefits, such as deductions for business use of a home or vehicle. It’s crucial for taxpayers to stay up to date on tax laws, as changes can impact eligibility for credits, deductions, and other tax-saving opportunities.”  

Ashia is one of the few Black women in the financial sphere here to remind us that progress knows no bounds when fueled by resilience, knowledge, and unwavering commitment.