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Art Meso features national and international talent.

In commemoration of the upcoming New York Fashion Week, Upscale Magazine is paying tribute to the achievements of creative individuals in the arts and fashion industry. While there are numerous influential disruptors who merit recognition, we have only included a select few due to spatial constraints. However, we pledge to revisit this topic in future publications. Undoubtedly, we have much to be proud of!

This week’s spotlight showcases a female trailblazer who sets a precedent and adheres to her own principles.

Jennifer Sutton, Founder/CEO Art Meso
Jennifer Sutton, Founder/CEO Art Meso

Jennifer Sutton is a prominent figure in the global creative industry, having garnered numerous accolades as a marketing and beauty executive. She is also the founder of Art Meso, an organization that produces a highly regarded art and fashion exhibition featuring exceptional talent from Asia and Europe. The event is renowned for its unique combination of high fashion runway shows and innovative human art displays, resulting in an unparalleled and unforgettable experience. Art Meso has been recognized as one of the fastest growing fashion events within the fashion and arts community, receiving significant domestic and international coverage and providing a platform for emerging designers and creatives to advance their careers.

Art Meso features national and international talent.

Art Meso is now revolutionizing New York Fashion Week by bridging the worlds of fashion and art, with the ultimate goal of creating a global presence.

What’s next?

Art Meso is proud to announce its upcoming event, ART MESO NYFW Carnaval Couture, which will take place on September 8th, 2023, from 7-8 pm. This highly anticipated event will showcase a selection of high-profile fashion shows, engaging shopping experiences, and see-and-be-seen mixers, positioning Art Meso as a leading contender of the NYFW Scene. The chic fashion event will be hosted at the W New York in Time Square, one of NYC’s most stylish venues.

ART MESO NYFW Carnaval Couture will combine sustainable focused fashion, culture, art, education, and more, culminating in an outdoor fashion show. The event promises to transport attendees to a world of imagination and creation, with an artistic rendition of Noah’s Ark meets a Wonderland. Guests will be treated to a majestic, euphoric, and exhilarating experience of the Arts, as they enter into a Wonderland of beauty, art, animals, imagination, creativity, and fashion.

Art Meso features national and international talent.

Watch in awe as the Art Meso Fashion Show comes to the heart of Manhattan! This outdoor experience gives you the backdrop of the New York scene. See the most beautiful and artistic Fashions and Artwork from our Designers and Artists from Nigeria, Pakistan, Spain, Atlanta, New York, and more!

The ART MESO NYFW Carnaval Couture event will include a VIP CELEBRATION and POP-UP SHOP LAUNCH at the W New York-Time Square. Esteemed guests will be treated to complimentary Signature Drinks and Cuisine, prepared by our renowned Celebrity Chef, Carlos Brown, who will showcase delectable dishes inspired by a Trip around the World. The event will be further enhanced by Live Music and Sounds from DJ Cassidy, creating the perfect ambiance for an Exclusive hour of VIP happenings. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a silent auction, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting our non-profit organizations. The event will be hosted by Miss New York 2023, Amelia Collins, and will take place on the Opening Night of September 8, 2023.

The ART MESO 2023 TALENT roster includes esteemed individuals such as Jennifer Sutton, Cleah Murray, Amelia Collins, Hamzi Khan Sherwani, OSHOBOR, Alba Jimenez, and numerous others.

The ART MESO NYFW Carnaval Couture event will showcase Pop-Up Store Hours on September 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th.

The fashion industry would have a significantly altered appearance today if it were not for the pioneering efforts of individuals such as Jennifer Sutton.

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