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Caden Harris, the 13-year-old phenom that is taking the business world by storm.  Caden is the CEO and founder of Caden Teaches, an author, and a high-school graduate.  He owns a Financial Bus and teaches financial literacy to other kids using kid-friendly financing skills and tools.  His Financial Bus has been featured on Hulu’s hit tv series “Big RV Remix” and he has visited over 100 schools in just this year alone.  “My biggest goal is to teach over 500,000 kids about financial literacy,” Caden emphasized.

Caden Harris
Caden Harris (owner) and Shyanne Taylor pictured infront of Caden’s Financial Bus

Caden began his financial literacy journey very early on.  Beginning at the age of 5, his father, Dr. Harris, took Caden along to his business meetings.  Caden’s curiosity for financial literacy grew as he continued to attend these meetings.  He started to research financial literacy all on his own and really took a strong interest in it. “I took it upon myself to learn about financial literacy and teach it to other kids,” stated Caden.  

At the age of 7-years-old Caden started up his own financial literacy business.  One night while eating Chinese food for dinner Caden received an eye-opening fortune cookie that stated, “Something on 4 wheels will soon be a fun investment for you!”  It was so surreal because Caden was already brainstorming a bus idea for his business idea.  He still has this fortune cookie with him to this day.

Pictured is Caden’s mock store located inside the Financial bus.

Caden definitely worked extremely hard to achieve his accomplishments.  Caden purchased the financial bus for $10,000 with his own hard earned money.  He then took it upon himself to reach out to different companies to invest and raised $50,000 to transform the bus into a traveling mobile unit.  The financial bus includes a mock bank, mock grocery store, and even learning stations which are included with tablets and TVs.  “Students can learn how to deposit and withdraw money, how to invest, and how to create a proper budget,” Caden explains.  

Caden showing his mock pantry that is on his Financial Bus.

One of Caden’s biggest inspirations for starting up his business was his sister, “Seeing what my sister did with her own nutrition company inspired me to start my business and make money helping other kids.”  The Harris family has a lineage full of entrepreneurs.  Caden’s family owned the first African American hotel in the city of Atlanta.  As well as both of Caden’s grandparents have their own companies.  Entrepreneurship is in his blood.  

Caden is a current high-school graduate at the age of 13 years old.  Caden attended public school and was later homeschooled.  He then took an accredited program to graduate early that was intended to take 3 years to complete.  However, Caden completed the program in just 9 months.  “I didn’t feel like school should take that many years to complete,” Caden stated.  Caden’s drive and grit is shown in everything he does. Caden stayed up long nights, completed homework on weekends, and always knocked out due dates ahead of time to complete the program at such an advanced state.  Caden said, “I was very dedicated.”

Caden is also an author of four books.  Caden wrote I’m Not Going to Argue With You, Caden’s Rich Kid Guide, Daddy Did You Know Activity Book, and Minutes with Millionaires.  The books give insightful information about financial literacy, tips, skills, and even exclusive interviews with millionaires.  From the book Minutes with Millionaires, Micheal B. Roberts emphasized to save 10% of your earnings, put a certain amount into investing and the rest into your business.  Caden’s books are providing gems that will lead to financial freedom.  

With Caden’s busy schedule it almost seems like he gets no free time.  However, Caden mentioned he balances everything very well and he is still a regular kid.  “I’m still a kid at the end of the day; I like playing video games, watching WWE, and even have a green belt in Karate.”  When asked who was his favorite WWE character he stated The Rock. “I love the charisma he possesses, his public speaking, and his ring quality is just perfect.”  

Caden Harris is truly an extraordinary kid and is doing amazing things for the community at such a young age.  He’s inspiring kids and even adults everyday with all of his achievements.  Caden is taking the business world by storm and he is not letting up.  He wants everyone to know, “If Caden can, so can you!”

To learn more about Caden’s Financial Literacy for kids

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  1. 13!!! What an amazing achivement. Congratulations young man and hats off your parents and grandparents and sisters for being an inspiration and examples to you. Continued success to you and your entire family.

  2. I was playing kickball at 13. Running a successful business, whew, I couldn’t even imagine. I truly believe that you were born with this gift becaue of your familys success. They showed you the way by being successful themselves.
    I’m impressed. Continued success in all that you do.

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