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In the dynamic intersection of music and fashion, emerging artist Maria Raquel, at just 17, is not only continuing her family’s legendary musical legacy but also forging a distinctive path in both realms. In this exclusive interview, we unravel the influences and inspirations that shape Maria’s music and delve into her unique approach to fashion, creating a harmonious blend that transcends generations.

Carrying a Musical Heritage: Maria Raquel reflects on the profound honor and responsibility of being part of her family’s rich musical legacy. Surrounded by talented musicians, from her great-great-grandmother’s opera singing to her mother’s drumming and violin skills, Maria’s upbringing has been a diverse musical journey. Each generation, with its unique talents, has contributed to a tapestry of sounds that deeply influences Maria’s taste and style.

Nita Riley Credit for the image goes to the Riley Family.

Shirley Cartman’s Influence: Shirley Cartman, Maria’s great-grandmother (Stage name Sheila Carr), played a pivotal role in the Jackson 5’s journey. Acknowledging Cartman’s impact, Maria draws inspiration from her mentorship, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, staying true to oneself, and nurturing unique talents. Cartman’s guidance serves as a valuable lesson in embracing individual gifts.

Shirley Cartman, Maria’s great-grandmother, also known as Sheila Carr, captured in a photo alongside Tito Jackson from the Jackson 5.

“1 AM” Album: Maria Raquel’s latest album, “1 AM,” is a deeply personal reflection of her experiences, exploring themes of heartbreak and self-discovery. The album seamlessly blends alternative grit with pop vocals, promising a unique and emotionally resonant musical journey for listeners.

“Plot Twist” by Maria Raquel Credit for the image goes to Raquel Riley Thomas.

“Plot Twist” Single: With her new single, “Plot Twist,” Maria captures the emotional journey of a young woman finding independence. Inspired by personal experiences, the song navigates complexities by channeling real feelings into lyrics, creating a powerful narrative of empowerment and self-discovery.

Non-explicit Songwriting: Maria believes her non-explicit approach allows listeners to connect on a deeper level, focusing on raw emotions without unnecessary distractions. She aims to convey messages without explicit content, emphasizing that music can be powerful and relatable without the need for explicit language.

“Plot Twist” by Maria Raquel Credit for the image goes to L Devlin Photography.

Music and Fashion Fusion: Beyond her musical endeavors, Maria Raquel is a professional model with She sees music and fashion as interconnected forms of self-expression, aiming to influence cultural trends by embracing authenticity. Her aesthetic and vibe in music inspire a style that encourages individuality and creativity, contributing to inclusive and empowering cultural trends.

Legacy and Aspirations: Maria Raquel envisions her legacy in the music world as one of innovation and inspiration. She strives to push boundaries while paying homage to her family’s musical heritage. Through her music, she aims to touch hearts globally, leaving a lasting impact on the industry and being remembered as an artist who made a positive difference.

In the symphony of Maria Raquel’s artistic odyssey, the harmonious blend of music and fashion produces a timeless melody that echoes through the corridors of creativity. Her journey, a testament to innovation and inspiration, leaves an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. As senior fashion editor at Upscale magazine, it’s both an honor and a pleasure to witness the emergence of a talent that not only embraces tradition but also fearlessly charts new territories. Maria Raquel’s narrative is more than a story—it’s a resonant chord that connects hearts and establishes her as a luminary in the alternative pop scene. Her legacy, like the notes of a beautiful composition, lingers, creating a rhythm that captivates audiences worldwide. Stay tuned for more from this exceptional artist who continues to redefine the intersection of music and fashion.

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Image courtesy of L Devlin Photography and Raquel Riley Thomas.

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