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Photo Credit: Anitra Isler

Over a hundred men and children came together to walk for a worthy cause last weekend, as the #NoDadLeftBehind “March of Dads Tour” made its fourth stop in Atlanta.

The team joined The Dad Gang, in partnership with Walmart, to continue its mission to amplify Black fatherhood, as a means of empowering and uniting active Black men, while debunking “negative stereotypes” attached to Black fathers.

Photo Credit: Anitra Isler

Founder of The Dad Gang and Boy DadGirl Dad– author Sean Williams, walked to salute dads who go above and beyond the call of daddy duties.

He was joined by Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Ralph Pittman; Entrepreneur Rob Owens, who is also the founder of Team Dope Dads and Media Personality Mike Jackson, star of Married to Real Estate– also known as “DJ Fadelf.”

Photo Credit: Anitra Isler

This is the fourth stop along the March of Dads Tour since June, with hundreds of dads who have already joined, making headlines and shutting down the streets of New York, Los Angeles (LA), and Washington DC.

Fathers and sons march in support of active Black dads

New York Councilman Kevin Riley, who is also a founding member acknowledged that this is where the solo journey of fatherhood is transformed into a brotherhood.

What we’re doing with this movement is creating a positive ecosystem for Black fatherhood,” he said.

New York Councilman Kevin Riley (L) and Mike Jackson (DJ Fadelf)

The March of Dads is a public demonstration that was initiated by The Dad Gang in 2018, to unite active dads of color across the nation for a day of bonding and community building, by showing the world meaningful examples of what dedicated Black fatherhood really looks like.

The Dad Gang is an organization committed to building a community amongst Black fathers globally.

Photo Credit: Anitra Isler

It has created a safe space for Black men to find camaraderie and support.

Additional information about The Dad Gang can be found HERE.

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