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On Sunday, March 3, 2024, at The Foundry at Puritan Mill, The Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc. brought enchantment to the city with the whimsical spectacle of the Mad Hatters Fashion Show.

Left to right: Event Co-Chair Raquel Obumba, Chandra Blanks, Event Chair Amber A. Harris, Lynette Hill, ASAC President Sabrina Clark, Dana Tucker Davis, Kimberly Mays, Kangelon Dexter, Desiree Salley, Fundraising Chair Ebony Smith and Myra Reeves.

The 2024 edition of The Whimsical Mad Hatter marks the revival of an 18-year tradition that has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to deserving young ladies from Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Mrs. Raquel Obumba, Event Co-Chair and Ms. Amber A. Harris, Event Chair

Guided by the visionary leadership of Ms. Amber A. Harris, Chairwoman, and Mrs. Raquel Obumba, Co-Chairwoman, both esteemed members of The Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, the Mad Hatters Fashion Show evolved from concept to reality. This remarkable event exemplified the chapter’s steadfast dedication to education and community empowerment.

2023 scholarships recipients Cameryn Thorpe (at the podium) and Chelseaparis Henry. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.

For over 19 years, the chapter has remained steadfast in its dedication to education, awarding over half a million dollars in scholarships to college-bound high school seniors from the City of Atlanta, City of South Fulton, Clayton County, and Fayette County schools. The Mad Hatters Fashion Show stands as a testament to their ongoing mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Mistress of Ceremony, Paula Fontana. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.

At the heart of this extraordinary event was the captivating presence of Paula Fontana, serving as the Mistress of Ceremony. Her charm and eloquence set the stage for an evening filled with elegance and excitement.

Live performance by KP the Lady. Photo credit: Mr. Vice Photography.

One of the standout moments of the event was the mesmerizing live performance by Trap Jazz featuring vocalist KP Pollard, also known as KP the Lady. Her soulful voice and dynamic stage presence electrified the atmosphere, delighting attendees throughout the evening. Additionally, Trap Jazz provided live music for each designer showcase, enhancing the overall experience with its vibrant rhythms.

The runway came alive with a dazzling array of fashion designs, each more exquisite than the last. From the avant-garde creations of Felicia Dietrich Design House to the vibrant swimwear of Shalaja Swimwear, every ensemble exuded creativity and craftsmanship. Yadiyda Clothing for Your Soul brought a touch of soulful sophistication to the runway, while Sir Algernon captivated with timeless elegance.

Model wearing Felicia Dietrich Design House. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography
Model wearing Shalaja Swimwear. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography
Model wearing Yadiyda Clothing for Your Soul. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography
Model wearing Sir Algernon. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography

Attendees were treated to more than just a fashion show; they experienced a true celebration of style and scholarship. The live band set the rhythm for the evening, infusing the air with energy and excitement. Meanwhile, the silent auction offered an opportunity for guests to indulge in a bit of retail therapy while supporting a worthy cause.

Fashionable guest at the Mad Hatters Fashion Show. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.
Fashionable guest at the Mad Hatters Fashion Show. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.
Fashionable guest at the Mad Hatters Fashion Show. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.
ASAC Charter Member and inaugural President, Juanita Eber, graces the scene alongside fellow ASAC Charter Member Audrey Dixon. Ms. Eber, also a former Miss Clark College, adds a touch of elegance to the gathering.
A stylish gentleman wearing a custom suit and hat. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.

As the models strutted down the runway, each outfit told a story of elegance, confidence, and empowerment. It was a reminder that fashion is more than just clothing; it is a form of self-expression and a celebration of individuality.

Renowned comedian and style icon Jonathan Slocumb debuting on the runway. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.

But beyond the glamour and glitz, the Mad Hatters Fashion Show served a noble purpose. It reminded us of the importance of education and the power of community. With every scholarship awarded, the Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta is helping to shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

From left to right: Nicole Dallaway, Married to Medicine reality star Miss Quad, Senior Fashion Editor at Upscale, Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds, Mad Hatters Chair Amber A. Harris, and acclaimed comedian and sartorial gent Jonathan Slocumb. Photo courtesy of Mr. Vice Photography.

In a world where style often takes precedence over substance, the Mad Hatters Fashion Show stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It is a reminder that fashion can be a force for good, uplifting and empowering those in need.

As the curtains closed on another successful event, attendees left with more than just memories of a fabulous evening. They left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

In the end, the Mad Hatters Fashion Show was not just about showcasing the latest trends; it was about celebrating the spirit of generosity and compassion. And for that, we are truly grateful.

After a brief hiatus, we were excited for one of our Chapter’s most popular events.  From the event’s storied history, a few new twists were added, and the Whimsical Mad Hatters Fashion Show was born.  Thanks to strong community support, this “sold out” event will allow ASACDST to continue to invest in the college dreams of some amazing female high school seniors. Sabrina Clark, President – Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter

For more details about the chapter, visit their website at

Fashionably yours, Dr. Courtney A. Hammonds Senior Fashion Editor, Upscale Magazine

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All photos provided by Mr. Vice Photography, courtesy of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority’s Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter. Cover image provided by Sir Algernon.

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  2. My heart is happy and filled with joy to be featured in Upscale Magazine. It was an honor to showcase Felicia Dietrich Design House Couture Crochet Fashions at the Atlanta Suburban Alumnae Chapter – Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Whimsical Mad Hatter Fashion Show.
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  3. This was the most outstanding fashion event I have ever encountered. My dear friend, Chair Amber Harris came and showed out with the most amazing fashion to be shown on the runway. Dr. Courtney Hammonds you never ever disappoint me with your grace of fashion and your articles are always on point. So, proud of the person you have become and proud to call you my dear friend ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. The energy in the room was absolutely infectious. Such an incredible event and i was COMPLETELY honored to have shown my “Fine Wine” Collection. Thanks so much for all of the melanated excellence!!!

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