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Love is beautiful. It’s intoxicating and the best feeling in the world when two flames become one. Little girls are taught to dream of the handsome knight in shining armor who will come to sweep them off their feet and take them away to eternal bliss by Disney films before they can even walk. As girls mature into young ladies, they patiently await the perfect partner and best friend that they will spend the rest of their lives. When the right one comes and she walks down the aisle, it’s as if time stands still, and they will live happily ever after.


But what happens when not every day is rainbows and sunshine. During times of darkness within a marriage, the lingering effects can impact the entire family dynamic. What do you do when trust is broken, when you no longer like the person you married, or when things simply aren’t working anymore. In Season 3 of the Starz hit show executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, “BMF” (Black Mafia Family) explores the disintegration of the show’s central parental couple, Charles and Lucille Flenory. Grappled by financial woes, lack of communication and attention, differences in raising their young-adult children, and infidelity played key roles in the love, marriage, and divorce of the Flenory couple.

In Season 3, viewers witnessed the emotional journey of the family’s matriarch, Lucille Flenory, portrayed by the incredible Michole Briana White, as she grappled with feelings of heartbreak, uncertainty in her marriage, and self-exploration as a woman. When speaking with Michole in a live interview about Lucille’s vulnerability and emotional expression in Season 3, she mentioned that “we must first go back to Season 2 because it was challenging to sit back, step into those shoes, and experience all of that as a woman.” I found myself angry sometimes about my character, but little did I know how much it meant to people and how helpful it was. “That meant the world.”

In Season 2 of BMF, the Flenory family, typically known for their loving, hardworking, two-parent, Christian-based household despite not having much, was unexpectedly rocked when the family’s patriarch, Charles Flenory, was caught engaging in infidelity within his marriage. This arc of Season 2 left fans reeling with emotion as they witnessed the downfall of a beloved married couple on television, who reminded them of their own parents or a couple everyone knows.

As Season 3 premiered in March, viewers took to social media, buckling up as the show started the engine to kick off an emotional rollercoaster of a season. The character Lucille kicked her husband, Charles Flenory, out of their bedroom and into one of their children’s former rooms. In the very first episode, it is evident that Lucille is struggling with her emotions as she tries to process the grief and hurt of her broken marriage. However, she is also prepared to rediscover the woman she lost along the way. Michole Briana White mentions that “it’s really awesome that she’s stepping into her power, owning things, and she’s confused about things, but she gets to really discover herself now and just have a life.”

Eloquently written to convey the magnitude and truth of divorce within a marriage, Season 3 of BMF tugs at your heartstrings, leaving you feeling confused yet emotionally aware of the inner workings of a marriage. It sheds light on the discomfort, the weight of distrust, and the reality of discourse when the fateful words of divorce are mentioned. When those words are said and the paperwork is drawn up, it often brings out the worst in people, and couples find themselves asking if their spouse ever truly loved them at all.


“I love that regardless of what happens between them (Charles & Lucille Flenory) and their relationship, they still have love and respect for each other.” They love their family and their children, so they come together for that reason. I believe that is one of the most important aspects of their family. The show is truly about family and love, and how their kids were born out of love. I love that (Charles and Lucille Flenory) had a strong love, respect, and friendship between them. “I just love that even though we had our issues, that connection is still there,” says Michole Briana White.

As Season 3 slowly came to an end, fans eagerly awaited to learn the fate of the Flenorys’ marriage. Would they divorce? Would Lucille move forward with her new love interest, or would Lucille choose to forgive and mend things with her husband, Charles, in their marriage?

“I think Lucille will always be on Team Charles regardless of what happens,” says Michole Briana White.


With the Charles and Lucille marital rollercoaster coming to an end on the season finale, viewers were left with mixed feelings as the Flenory’s decided to officially divorce but promised to always remain friends. Not quite the ending some fans wanted, but it does remind us that even though love and marriage don’t always work out and sometimes lead to divorce, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be friends until the end. After all, every great love story is built on a beautiful friendship. Forever in marriage may not be in the cards for everyone, but as long as respect and love remain, a lifelong friendship can be sweet ever after.

If you are a fan of BMF be sure to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on Season 3’s finale and stay tuned for Season 4!

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