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Love, Life, and Hip Hop According to Amy Luciani

    Music artist Amy Luciani is no stranger to the camera. Amy Luciani, born in Detroit, MI has been making waves for years whether it was her crazy content on social media, to her branding and marketing skills, to her recent debut on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta where she is setting the bar high and setting the record straight. Recently, the bombshell beauty sat down with UPSCALE’s very own Mo Clark for a live Q and A interview at her PopOut Magazine cover reveal where she discussed some of her social media strategies as well as things that she has had to overcome both personally and professionally in the industry.

UPSCALE: Amy I am so proud of you. I have a picture of us together from back in the day, but you won’t let me share it (laughs)

AMY: That’s cool though because you have been on your grind, and I have been watching you.

UPSCALE: Congratulations on all your success and being recognized as an industry leader first! Can you share some key lessons and milestones from this journey?

AMY: Hmm. It’s so weird because I always feel like the underdog, and I have my team around me, and they make me feel like it is working. I am a humble person, an everyday person, an everyday person, just out here trying to get money and working. I am literally out here like, “Do they see me, do they know I am out here working”.  I am hard on myself, and I have to remind myself that I am that chick. Naturally I am just a normal girl. I am learning to appreciate the next level of growth.

Courtesy of Amy Luciani

UPSCALE: Being recognized for both your entrepreneurship and your role as a music artist and media personality is impressive. How do you balance these diverse aspects of your career?

AMY: Ohhh. It is almost like the same answer that I gave. I am not like a braggadocios girl. I am always in the mode of how I can go bigger. I am just a worker. Getting to a different level, the brand is growing. I grind, I do this for my family. I have 7 nieces and 1 nephew. I just sit there and ask GOD how to go bigger. Did you see me go back to the air mattress?

UPSCALE: I did, and I love that about you, your transparency.

AMY: We must be that. I feel like they are going through it like I am going through it and I just want to be that person to let people know that I go through it too. I made it up in my mind a long time ago, if you are going to be a fan of mine, you are going to be a fan of mine with the makeup on and with the muffin top because I am a real person. We are going bigger.

 UPSCALE: Speaking of going bigger. You’ve grossed well over a million dollars in revenue in your first year as a business owner. What strategies have you employed to achieve such remarkable financial success?

AMY: My strategy was working. I have a lot of friends. I admire their lifestyle. They live a financial free lifestyle. I don’t want to be the girl that just pop up like “I made it”, I just grind and just work for it. Like I said I still not reach my goal or my dream. I am still working at it. Nobody in the industry will be able to say that I didn’t work for mine. My mom told me, I wasn’t going to be out here embarrassing myself. If you don’t know you can do it, you can do it, I did it. High school diploma, no college degree, but you can do it your own way.

UPSCALE: Beyond the lights and cameras, you’ve leveraged your platform on social media before you had a team?

AMY:  Really it is my faith. I believe in myself. I am not in a rush. If you rush and you go too fast, you might miss some things. I have a faith that says, “If you believe, stop asking why it didn’t happen”. I live under the learning people. If you see my team, it is a short team. I am the quiet one because I am learning from them. It’s just a self-belief. It’s a belief that it doesn’t happen on YOUR time, but it will happen ON time. If you want it to happen on YOUR time, you be willing to do anything to get it, but it ain’t your time yet, slow down, you might need a couple more lessons, you might need to re-brand. I believe in the faith I have in GOD so I am not in a rush.

UPSCALE: I am a firm believer that delayed is not denied.

AMY: That’s so true and I just shared a post like that, delayed is not denial. You know what that means.  A lot of times we want something when we hit the door and when we don’t get it, we just throw our hands up. The only different with people that fail and people that are successful is you must keep going.

UPSCALE: The “WTGA” Cypher is known for celebrating diversity in hip-hop. What inspired you to create such a groundbreaking movement, and what impact do you hope it has on the industry?

AMY: I thought of the Cypher when I was about to give up on the musical side of my life. The reason that I was going to give up because I was working so hard and the request that they were making from me was weird. It is so hard for a girl who wants to be in the industry. Especially if you’re not trying to do certain things. So, I did this for the girls that are unsigned and are on the grind and they are willing to wait a little longer. I am going to but the other girls on. If I am going to preach not being a hater, not being a gatekeeper, I got to start somewhere. We are putting each other on all year.

UPSCALE: Let’s be clear, it doesn’t matter what industry that we are in. We must reach back down and get each other.

AMY: Right, I have to get the other girls too.

UPSCALE: Thank you so much for interviewing with us. I am so proud of you.

      We are so excited about Amy reaching back and helping the girls. We love to see it. It’s that type of assistance and support that make all the difference in pursuing your passions or giving up on your dreams. The choice is yours. Will you be victorious, or will you accept defeat? Don’t forget to share your success stories and make sure to follow UPSCALE and Amy Luciani.

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