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The Lincoln Motor Company teamed up with contemporary singer/songwriter, Gary Clark Jr. to debut an exclusive amplifier, engineered by Revel, and to produce a soulfully-exciting music based commercial – “Cord”.  For the special musical tool, Revel engineers honed the state-of-the-art technology, with design values of the 2017 Lincoln Continental are visible throughout, from the instantly recognizable grille, the wood grain and the leather to the back-lit LED Lincoln logo.  “Creating a one-of-a-kind amplifier was an original way to showcase the superior sound of the Revel audio system available in most Lincoln vehicles – and celebrate the artistry of music,” says John Emmert, group marketing manager, The Lincoln Motor Company.

An amalgam of visual and acoustic mastery in 60-seconds, “Cord” starts with Gary Clark Jr. arriving at an empty theater in the new Lincoln Continental.  As the spot continues, he is standing onstage plugging his guitar into the one-of-a-kind amplifier, which takes its aesthetics from the flagship.  “To me, the Lincoln Continental represents timeless luxury – and it sounds like it looks, straight to the point classic,” he says. “This collaboration felt like a natural fit. I don’t know a guitar player who doesn’t like amps. And this one doesn’t just look amazing, it gets you the most amazing sound.”

Throughout the ad, he performs a new interpretation of his song, The Healing. The camera closes in on the guitar cord, which acts as a visual timeline, taking viewers through different stages of the musician’s life.  Gary Clark Jr. feels the song – and the spot – will be relatable to many viewers.  “Every single memory I have, there’s a song that goes with it,” he says. “Music is the most powerful form of communication that we have, and it can be very healing if you get people on the same page and share a message.”

Additionally, the 2017 Lincoln Continental was front and center at the #BlackWomenInMusic event in Los Angeles during festivities leading up to the 59th Annual Grammy Awards.  In love yet?  You should be!

Click here to experience “Cord”.

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Words by Satchel B. Jester